5 Ways To Make Large Spaces More Cozy

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Large spaces can make your home seem isolating and impersonal. Here are 5 ways to make them look more cozy with some simple home decor adjustments.


On this blog, we talk a lot about dealing with small spaces and how to make them appear larger. But what about the opposite? What if, by a stroke of luck or success, you end up in a rather large space, and worry that the wide expanses of floor and wall will make your home look empty?

Well, as with every space issue, of course, decor techniques are here to help you deal with your problem. Because as much as it can help with making small spaces appear bigger, it can certainly help make large spaces appear more cozy and intimate. Here are five ways to turn large spaces into islands of coziness.

1. Divide your space in areas

Some living rooms are just way too large to be just a TV-watching area. Some bedrooms can be more than a space with a bed and dressers. When faced with a very large space, it’s better to break it up into two or three smaller “areas” for different functions: watching TV, reading and chatting in front of the fire, for example.

Traditional Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators MuseInteriors

Dividing up your space also lets you add different functions to the room. Prefer to read in the bedroom rather than the living room? Add a reading nook there instead, if you have the space. You’ll be happier and more satisfied with your decor if you set it up in the way you like.

Contemporary Bedroom by San Francisco General Contractors Hyline Construction, Inc.

Large spaces can be daunting at first, but cutting them up in smaller areas can help them look cozier and more intimate.

2. Don’t put furniture against walls

This is a basic trick, but it’ll help with making your room look much cozier: don’t put anything against walls. Leave circulation space around couches, chairs, tables and beds. It’s a neat visual trick where your furniture appears to take more space than it really does, therefore making your space look more intimate.

Transitional Dining Room by Amsterdam Media & Bloggers Holly Marder

A large space where everything is stuck against the walls just leaves too much space in the middle, and you won’t have anything left with which to fill it up. Instead, give your furniture some breathing room.

Modern Family Room by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Edmonds + Lee Architects

3. Fill it up with hobbies

If you have hobbies–playing music, stargazing, knitting, reading, painting–don’t hide them in a studio. Instead, use your large space to put together a hobby area. Pianos of course are a classic way to do this, but you can do it with any other kind of hobby.

Traditional Living Room by Dallas Media & Bloggers Sarah Greenman

Display your library in large bookcases. Keep your yarn close at hand for cold winter nights with a knitting area that you can easily access from the living room. Keep a telescope near the best stargazing window. Put up a play station for the kids or a workstation for the self-employed or telecommuter. Install a drafting table to indulge in your creative impulses whenever they come.

4. Add textures

In small spaces, we would advise you to keep the number of textures to a minimum, ideally focusing on just one or two. But for large spaces, you can texture your heart out: rugs of different sizes and colors, plenty of art on the walls, different types of couches and chairs, wood and glass tables, etc.

Mediterranean Living Room by South Pasadena Interior Designers & Decorators Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

Using different textures also helps with dividing your space in different areas (see #1). But on the whole, “busy” is the right idea for large spaces. While you want to avoid that with smaller rooms, it’s actually a benefit to larger ones.

5. Use lighting

A clever use of lighting will also help with the “island” effect of the different areas of your large space. Use plenty of floor and table lamps so people can have the lighting they need when they need it, without having to rely on the central ceiling lights. Use different styles of lamps to match the look and function of your area: reading lamps where you read, discreet lighting for the TV area, etc.

Beach Style Living Room

Big space, no problems

With these tips, you can now easily manage your large space and transform it into a series of smaller, cozy and intimate areas.

Have you had to deal with large spaces? What did you do? Share your ideas and tips in the comments!

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