5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

With more people deciding to stay in their homes and renovate instead of sell, homeowners are looking for comfortable, even luxurious upgrades to the areas of the home they use most often. The new brand of “escape” is the bathroom that feels like a spa.

Want to create such an amazing bathroom that you never want to leave the house? These five tips from the National Kitchen and Bath Association can give you a great place to start.

1: Steam showers, saunas or specialty tubs

One of the hallmarks of a true spa bathroom is a massive tub of some kind, or a shower that goes well beyond the norm. Showers that double as steam rooms or saunas are popular additions for the relaxing spa bathroom remodel.

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Contoured tubs that fit your body — or that serve as tubs for more than one person — can turn a regular bathing experience into a long, luxurious soak. If you prefer whirlpools, look for a tub with jets that are adjustable in both power and direction.

2: Bring the light in

Opt for skylights that allow you to lie back in that tub and watch the clouds go by. Or go with replacement windows that are a little bigger than your old ones, for a fresh new look that lets the light rejuvenate your soul.

For more opulent lighting, consider a strip of lights above a mirror for old-fashioned glamour and lights in the shower that can be dimmed with the touch of a switch.

Use color to liven things up

The soothing properties of aromatherapy have long been known and used in the bathroom, but what about chromatherapy? This holistic brand of healing uses colors to create an atmosphere that evokes some kind of emotional response. Go beyond painting the walls that perfect shade and look into sinks and tubs that offer color-changing lights in the faucets or even recessed in the base.

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3: Heated floors

Stepping out of that toasty bubble bath onto a cold floor can ruin any relaxation you might have achieved. Professional spas know this, which is why you will never set foot on anything that shocks your system. Heated floors also come in handy during those cold winter mornings, too. Don’t forget to add heated towel racks.

The little details

Don’t forget the small things that make a spa so unique. Invest in vessel sinks, a finely woven basket to hold essentials and a comfy bench to make things even more restful. Choose faucets that provide a touch of luxury, such as those that start a flow of water with the mere motion of your hand. Look for showerheads that provide massage therapy, radios that can be installed in the bath and even LCD screens that can be cleverly disguised behind mirrors.

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What about an affordable spa-like bathroom?

What if you don’t have the money to do all of these things? That’s when you simply do what you can with what you’ve got. Cabinet refacing can give your old cabinets a new, luxurious color. New towel racks and coordinating items can pull a look together.

Invest in a small, rustic bookcase for storage needs, and look for a small bench that can allow you to sit down and relax in the shower. When it comes to the spa-like feel of a great bathroom remodel, it really is the little things that count.

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