5 Ways to Make Your Patio Pop

spruce up your patio

Spring is finally here and it is time to spruce up your patio for the warm months ahead. Maybe this season you want to incorporate some patio additions that will set your space apart from everyone else’s. That can be accomplished pretty easily with a few awesome and unique ideas.

1. Step Lighting

spruce up your patio

Step lighting is both dramatic and subtle. Adding understated lights to steps will create a low-key ambiance and will provide safe access to and from the house or back yard. Turn off the bright flood lights and switch on some less invasive step lights.

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2. Fire Pit

spruce up your patio

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Fire pits are becoming quite popular and a fun way to spruce up your patio. Gone are the days when you dug a hole in the yard and built a small bonfire. Fire pits have come into their own now with unique designs in stone, concrete, or metal. They are so nice on a cool summer evening. Pro tip: If you aren’t keen on dealing with the smoke and ash of a wood burning pit, consider a gas fire pit or heater.

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3. Water Feature

water feature

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You might be going for a tranquil environment. The sound of water is soothing. A unique touch to spruce up your patio is by adding a cascading water fountain. Some fountains have discreet lighting in them for use at night on a patio. A fountain is sure to put you in a meditative state and a good mood after a long day of work.

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4. Pizza Oven

pizza oven

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One of the best patio additions to improve the space and make it pop is a pizza oven. These ovens are so versatile and fun to cook in. It is something different than just a standard grill. You can commission a mason to build a custom stone or clay oven that is wood fired. Or, you can go with a smaller portable oven. These are available in either wood fired or gas fired options. A pizza oven is a huge hit with both kid and adult parties.

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5. Sofas

spruce up your patio

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Most of us think of patio furniture as being a wood picnic table with matching chairs and an umbrella in the middle. These are certainly practical, especially for BBQs. What about stepping it up a notch and having a really comfortable weatherproof sofa set? This can set your patio apart from those with traditional outdoor furniture. It is so nice to be able to relax outside as effortlessly as you can in your living room. And, the cushion styles and colors can generally be customized to your aesthetic.

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With summer almost here, consider giving your patio a makeover or upgrade it with some distinctive accessories to help it stand out and be welcoming. Everyone loves a beautiful spring or summer evening outside with friends. The best way to make this happen is the make your patio or outdoor area stand out. With these awesome ideas, you will be able to create a great space and wonderful memories.

If you are designing a new outdoor patio take a look at the options for free landscape design software.

Craig Scott

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