5 Ways to Maximize Space In A Small Bathroom

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The bathroom is a spot in the home where most people spend quite a bit of time, whether taking a shower, painting fingernails, or simply getting ready each morning. When a home has a small bathroom, it may seem like a deal-breaker. However, with a few simple space-saving tips, homeowners can maximize the space and make it feel a lot bigger.

Utilize clever storage space

One of the top complaints in a small bathroom is the lack of storage space for extra towels, toiletries, and other necessities that should be within arm’s reach. Look for storage options that can hang on the walls since these will leave space above the floor yet will provide cupboards and drawers to store necessary items.

Recessed medicine cabinets and vanities are great options of functional furniture that will leave space to move around the bathroom. Vertical shelves can also help add storage space without taking up too much room.

Upgrade lighting

Small spaces often feel dark and tight, so change that by adding a variety of lighting options that brighten up the area. If the bathtub or shower has ceiling space above it, install recessed lighting that will help it feel more luxurious for bathers. Additional lighting around the bathroom doesn’t have to take up a lot of space; choose modern and slender fixtures instead of lamps or chandeliers.

Choose colors wisely

Bold and bright colors are a popular choice right now on social media and DIY home décor TV shows, but they may not always be the best choice in a small room. Too much color will make a room feel overwhelming, and if the space is already limited, this will not improve the look and feel.

Instead, choose one bright color and complement it with neutral wall colors or fixtures. A great way to add a splash of color is to add a couple of towels or a bath mat in the color or to paint an accent wall.

Consider basics and hardware

When a bathroom feels overloaded with a large sink, toilet, and bathtub, it can become cluttered very quickly. Instead, choose a modern pedestal sink that won’t take up as much space. If you can replace the tub with a shower, choose a frameless door that will add depth to the room. Newer toilet designs are smaller, especially if you look at options that are generally sold in Europe, where space is tighter in homes.

Look at the space outside the bathroom

If the space is just too limited to accommodate what you want for your bathroom, check out the area just outside the door. You may be able to add a vanity or a sink, which would make it easier to use the bathroom space for more functional needs while family members get ready just outside the door. A bookshelf or small dresser can be a great option for storage in this powder room, where guests can find the spare towels or extra toothbrushes.

Since the bathroom is such a key part of the space in a home, maximizing the space can add function and help each person using the bathroom feel more relaxed and comfortable while in that room.




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