5 Ways To Stay Warm Without Turning Up The Heat: An Infographic

As we turn up the dial on home heating, our heating bills get dialed up, too. What are some ways we can be warm in winter and not pay too much at the same time?


When it’s wintertime in northern regions, we’re often pulled in two different directions at once when it comes to being comfortable at home.

One direction is the impulse to turn up the heat. The other is taking steps to not being shocked by our heating bills at the end of the month. So, is there a way to end this wintry game of tug-o-war? Well, here are a five practical suggestions on how to do just that, based on a piece we ran here at BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home at the top of the winter season.

Take a look.

BuildDirect_StayWarm_v1 copy

The thread that runs through all of these is simply to use what you’ve already got before touching that dial. Use the sun through your windows, your fans, your blankets and clothes. Think about how more efficiently your space retains heat before pumping out more of it, too.

Tell us your ideas about home heating and lower heating bills

But, what are some suggestions you’ve got for other readers beyond this list? What works for you in your space and for your home heating budget? What are some of the climatic challenges that are most common where you live in terms of keeping a house warm?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.



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