5 Ways To Tastefully Decorate For Halloween

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Halloween decor grim wreath

A grim wreath for a tasteful Halloween accent (image: em-il-ie)

Guts, blood, creepy ghosts, and spiders—these are the symbols of Halloween and unfortunately the typical decorations that are sold in party stores. But fear not my Halloween loving friends; this year you can celebrate in tasteful style without going overboard with the gore.

Tip 1: Existing Decor and Space

Before you go out and buy any Halloween decor, look around your space and note your current color scheme and decor items. You can potentially use current pieces and colors to enhance your space with a just few decorations, especially if your home uses fall hues.

Tip 2: Color Scheme

Instead of the traditional black and orange, opt for a more classic look with black and white while incorporating hints of orange, gold, or purple. Keeping the ambiance dark with rich decorations will allow your space to feel more sophisticated rather than childish.

Choosing the classy black and white scheme also allows for a simpler transition into your already existing décor as these colors are neutrals which easily match others. If you do have your heart set on orange, complementing this joyous color with the calming effects of purple hues will allow for a softer look that won’t be too exotic.

Tip 3: Limit Decorations to One Area

While most think that decorating for any holiday calls for a plethora of decorations placed throughout a room, that is actually not the case. By concentrating on a specific area, you can effectively and tastefully decorate your space. Also choosing a specific theme within the holiday decorations is another refined way to decorate.

Halloween decor in a zone

A Halloween “zone” (image: Erin Lanigan)


For instance, candlesticks and cobwebs placed on a mantle place or desktop creates a Halloween ambiance while not being too overpowering to a room.

Tip 4: Less Is More

In conjunction with tip number 3 in order to keep decorations in one concentrated area, make one decorative item the focal point. From there you can build your theme. For example, pumpkins are a traditional yet refined Halloween decoration. Whether you carve different faces in your Jack-o’-lanterns or paint them different colors, you can make your space festive without going over the top.

Also, remember that subtle decorations can be just as intriguing. Small touches such as Halloween candy dishes, cobwebs, and spiders pinned to curtains and tablecloths add a decorative touch.

Tip 5: Chic, not Eerie Festive Flair

When shopping, choose pieces that will make your guests stop in awe not horror. From haunted houses to bejeweled skulls to black lace tablecloths, there is a variety of trendy yet classy Halloween decorations from which you can choose. Another idea to note when shopping for festive flair is looking for transitional pieces that can also be used for fall and Thanksgiving decor. Just remember that dark, rich tones can be used to make your decor eerie—and those items do not necessarily have to be scary or gory.

Not lurid, but lush

While most people opt for frightful Halloween decorations to shock and scare, with these style tips you can be chic and impressive while still being festive. There’s no need to overdo it. And, there’s no need to not decorate because of traditionally lurid Halloween decorations. Think about subtleties, and get the dark and stylishly grim instead.

Happy Halloween!


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