6 Easy Steps For Making You Feel Safer In Your Home

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Feeling safe in your home is a right not a privilege! Here are a few easy ways to help thwart thieves and allow you to rest easy.


Perhaps there have been some break-ins in your area lately and you’re feeling a bit on edge or maybe you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood and aren’t quite feeling at home yet. One solution is to get a big scary looking dog but, while dogs are nice, there are other ways that won’t cost you a fortune in dog food to protect yourself and your family.

1. Light up the night

Keeping your yard well lit up will discourage any potential intruders and has the added bonus of lighting your way so you don’t trip when exiting your car or taking out the garbage.

If you don’t want your hydro bills to soar from outdoor lights consider solar powered lights or even motion sensor lights that turn on when something or someone comes in its vicinity.

2. Turn your inside lights on

A dark house typically means an empty house so if you are going out leave a few lights on before you leave. If you are gone for an extended period of time consider installing your lights on timers so they rotate which ones are on, making it look like you are home and going from room to room.

If you are home alone or like to head to bed early consider leaving lights on in other areas of your home to make it look more lived in.

3. Get to know your neighbors

If your neighbors are like some of mine this is easier said than done. However there’s no need to become BFF’s with your neighbors. Just a casual hi and short chat every so often so you know who lives there and their habits. If you know your neighbor works late you can expect to hear a bit of noise as they come home and won’t worry.

Having your neighbors as allies helps out when suspicious people come near your home – they will be on alert and realize they don’t belong! And maybe you will find a great new friend – or at least someone you like and trust enough to ask to feed your cat and get your paper in next time you go on vacation.

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4. Keep all doors and windows locked

This may sound obvious but people often leave basement and back doors unlocked. I’ll let you in on something – thieves are in on this! Even if you have a fenced in yard lock that door. Keep all windows secured as well – even ones on the second level if there is ANY way at all of climbing up.

5. Clean up your yard

If you are particularly scared of strange shadows in the night you may want to clean up any dense bushes or trees. Keeping trees well maintained and trimmed prevents not only places for someone to hide but access to the house via climbing.

Speaking of climbing – ladders should be stored in garages or locked up somewhere that isn’t accessible to anyone but you.

6. Get some curtains

You’ve walked by homes after dark and been able to look right into them and see the occupants having dinner or watching television. It works both ways – if your windows are uncovered your room becomes a spotlight as well.

You may not care that others can see you reading on your couch but if they can see in they can see that you are alone in the house or see when you are not there. Not all windows have to be covered but the ones where you spend most of your time which are easily seen from outside should be.

Your sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary and where your family is – take a few minutes to assess your home to keep everyone safe and secure.

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