Essential Laundry Room Ideas

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To redefine your laundry room spaces, here are some practical laundry room ideas that also have an impact on your the look of your decor, too. 


As someone who hasn’t lived with laundry in my own home for 20 years, it’s a room I sometimes sigh wistfully for. Oh, to have in-suite laundry. Oh, to not have to pile dirty clothes in my room.

If you’re lucky enough to have a laundry room, it’s a great spot to organize so you can operate more efficiently, especially if you’re dealing with laundry for a whole family.

What should you be looking for to organize a laundry room? Here are 6 essential laundry room ideas to redefine your space.

6 Laundry Room Essentials

1. Shelving and Cabinetry

The ideal laundry room should have extensive shelving. You’ll need space for cleaning agents, even for other cleaning products for the home, particularly mops and brooms or vacuums and the like.

Laundry room cabinets and strategic shelving will best serve to hide the clutter. Others can be open for general use and easy access. Consider having variable widths and heights in shelves and cabinetry. Will you have a hamper that needs shelf or cabinet storage? If so, what are its dimensions, and will it store easily on the shelves you have in mind? Think of things you need or want for this space, and get shelving and laundry room cabinets that accommodate it.

2. Folding Space

So many people are guilty of not folding their laundry right when it comes out, and if you’ve got a good permapress setting on the dryer, you could be making more work for yourself in the age of wrinkle-free clothing that needs to be put away properly to remain wrinkle-free.

A great solution is building a folding shelf into the room. If you’re space-challenged, consider affixing one to the back of the door if there’s not quite space elsewhere. If you have a hinged shelf with a lock at the top, you could easily have a good three-foot long shelf to lower for folding and sorting.

3. Ventilation

If you’re drying clothes on racks and using your laundry room steadily, give thought to the ventilation systems in your laundry room. Are there air vents already built in? Are they sufficient? Is there a window you can open a bit to help regulate airflow? If it’s too humid in there, it’s bad for the machines and will slow down air-drying too.

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4. More Than One Hamper

If you’ve got a lot of room to work with in your laundry space, consider getting organizational hampers. A hamper for lights, mediums, darks, delicates, and you’ll save time on sorting in the future. Some organizational hampers come on rollers with removable bags, making it a little less back-breaking to bend down and clean out or hoist out your laundry.

5. Linens and Towel Storage

The laundry room really is the perfect place to store all your linens and towels. By simply having to pull linens or towels from the hamper, wash, dry, fold, and put in a dedicated cubby in your laundry room, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief down the line.

6. Waterproof Flooring

If you don’t have water-resistant flooring installed in your laundry room, you’ll want some. And imagine the maintenance you could require over the years. A good dryer maintenance program needs removal of lint and exhaust cleaned periodically to ensure good airflow and quick drying – but all that maintenance involves pulling the machine out. You’ll want flooring to withstand that abuse.

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Another plus to water-hardy flooring is that you can get a drying rack to put up for delicates, sweaters, and anything else that shouldn’t be going through the machine, and this can go in your laundry room if there’s space, for a year-round solution.

If you don’t have the appropriate flooring for the laundry room, get a ridged rubber mat to contain any drips under your rack. And these days, it’s pretty easy to get your choice of material for flooring, while also seeing to the visual effects too. Think of your flooring then as a way to boost your laundry room decor!

A Good Laundry Room Will Save Your Sanity

If you find yourself doing several loads of laundry a week, it’ll make your life simpler if you invest some time and money into making in laundry room ideas like these that help you to create a more efficient space.

If it saves you time off ironing, sorting, and all that, over the course of a year, what would that be worth to you? Give some thought to the project and maybe some utility shelves and organizational planning will seem like a brilliant idea to you after all.

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