6 Gradual Ways To Include Solar Power In Your Home

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Solar energy isn’t an all or nothing option. Here are six ways to incorporate solar power in small ways in your home, gradually moving toward clean energy.


With the rising costs of energy around the globe, saving on your energy bill is a high priority. To cut these expenditures and lower your carbon footprint, solar power is a consideration that every household should entertain, without necessarily going all-in right away. You can incorporate elements of solar energy, even if you’re doing it gradually. Here are six ways to do it.

1. Use solar-powered battery chargers

Much like any big change in your life, it is important to take baby steps rather than immediately throw yourself on the fire. With solar power in your house, start by getting rid of all your various chargers for phones, tablets, and other devices and replace them with solar-powered chargers. They cost little more than a normal charger ($20), are dependable, and come in variety of styles and specifications.

2. Include solar pool heaters

If you have a pool, the cost of heating it in the colder months is often so costly, that many homeowners simply winterize their pool and wait until next spring. However, solar-powered pool heaters, such as solar sun rings, take 50 percent of the sun’s rays and use it to heat the pool. At under $40, this is definitely an effective way to take in a swim even in the fall or winter.

3. Start with one panel

Converting the roof of your home to all solar panels is a costly venture up front, often upwards of $30,000. However, you don’t have to start there. Instead, consider installing a single solar panel to do one task. DIY ideas include the lamppost out by the road or even more creative concepts, such as a food dehydrator or outdoor solar shower. A single solar panel costs as little as $75 to get you started.

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4. Fit solar landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is something that every household needs for safety, as well as aesthetic purposes. This lighting is costly if used every single night for eight hours. Instead of wasting that money, opt for a variety of solar lights. At six to eight lumens, they are more than ample to light your home around landscape beds and sidewalks. Entire landscape lighting kits cost anywhere from $15 for plastic and $50 for metal.

5. Think about solar showers

If you think about it, you probably shower at least once a day. Hence, the cost of hot water is a daily expenditure. To combat this cost, consider using a solar shower. The device consists of a bag filled with water that heats through the solar panel. If not in your home, use it when camping or out by the pool, and it’s a deal at under $200.

6. Invest in solar flashlights

You never know when you’ll need a flashlight. To save money on expensive batteries, use solar flashlights. Leave them on the windowsill or inside the car to charge during the day. At a local hardware or retail store, they cost as little as $30 and some hold a charge for up to three years.

Being creative with solar power

These are just a few ways to begin your home’s transformation to an eco-friendly paradise. The best part is solar power allows you to be creative on how to use it. Start today to take on some fun projects and save yourself thousands of dollars over time.


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