6 Kitchen Backsplash Materials To Redefine Your Kitchen

Kitchen backsplashes have a practical value, and add visual value to the look of your kitchen too. Here are some backsplash materials to consider.

Cabot Mosaic Tile - Metal Series

Cabot Mosaic Tile – Metal Series “Silver Brick” Pattern from BuildDirect.


When designing a backsplash for one of the most important rooms in your home, you’ll have numerous options at your disposal. Here are some of the bigger ones, with a few you might not know about.

1. Glass

Glass backsplashes come in many forms, incorporating glass bricks, tiles, stones, and more. Go for a clean, linear look with glass bricks, incorporating a handful of colors and textures for visual appeal. Go for a vibrant, colorful look with small glass tiles or larger, more interlocked ones.

Salerno Glass Mosaic - Designer Stripe

Salerno Glass Mosaic – Designer Stripe “Fog pattern”

Place them in a regular pattern or create a mosaic that builds to a larger design. For a particularly bold look, consider using reflective glass. Antique mirror glass can introduce both intrigue and charm to an already great design. As an added benefit, glass will invite ample light into the kitchen space.

2. Ceramic

Ceramics represent some of the oldest building materials there are. Even in the twenty-first century, ceramic kitchen backsplashes are stylish and practical additions to modern kitchens, and traditional ones alike.

Salerno Porcelain Mosaic - Carrara Venato Series

Salerno Porcelain Mosaic – Carrara Venato Series “Venato Hexagon” from BuildDirect.

3. Fabric

For a softer look that emphasizes unique design, opt for a fabric backsplash in your kitchen. With fabric, the possibilities are nearly limitless with thousands of colors, patterns, and textures. Select a color that complements your kitchen’s accent wall, cabinetry, or appliances, or select a bold pattern that presents visual interest in a monochromatic room.

To make any fabric backsplash last, don’t leave it exposed to the elements. Cover it with a coat of vinyl or a glass shield to make it more durable and easier to clean.

4. Stone and stone blend

Stone as a material for a kitchen backsplash is the original choice by which others are often judged. The natural texture and varied natural patterning makes for a unique installation in all kinds of kitchen designs. But, another thing about stone is that it provides a striking contrast to other elements, including some we’ve seen on this list so far.

This is why stone blends with ceramic and glass have become a popular choice, with these contrasts appealing to the eye, even as the materials perform as a practical surface in kitchens.

Kaska Mosaic Tile - Fusion Blend Pattern Series

Kaska Mosaic Tile – Fusion Blend Pattern Series “Butternut” from BuildDirect.

5. Metal

For a modern look, metal is a great option that’s typically available in a handful of styles. Choose stamped metal for an interesting, textured look that adds ample charm. For an intricately decorative look, go for embossed metal tiles.

To give your kitchen a clean, contemporary look, go for a basic flat sheet of metal. No matter which style you choose, metal backsplashes are remarkably easy to clean. Simply wipe clean with warm water and soap, and be sure to polish copper or brass backsplashes as necessary.

Salerno Mosaic Tile - Peel & Stick Metal Series

Salerno Mosaic Tile – Peel & Stick Metal Series “Silver Demask” from BuildDirect.

6. Vinyl

If you love designing and redesigning your space, installing a vinyl backsplash can be a great solution. Instead of using tiles, a vinyl backsplash incorporates decals that you can custom design or order in a number of designs and styles.

Installation is as simple as removing the adhesive backing and adhering the decals to your wall. Keep in mind that vinyl decals don’t protect your wall from water or cooking spills the way more permanent backsplashes do, but they are easy to clean and even easier to replace if necessary.

Movable Décor

Not all backsplashes have to be semi-permanent. Instead of installing a single unit behind your stove or cooking area, arrange a group of decorative plates on the wall. Whether they’re designs you love or sentimental souvenirs from years of shopping trips, ceramic plates can look great while protecting your kitchen wall.

Make your kitchen one of a kind. Use one of these six unique materials to create a new design that will wow, and don’t forget to recycle your old backsplash when it’s time to upgrade.








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