6 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

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Timeless kitchen trends

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Even minor kitchen remodeling can yield major results. With 87 percent returns on average after just one year, these remodeling jobs give homeowners the greatest return on their investments. However, to receive an optimum return, your remodeling job shouldn’t look dated before you’re ready to sell. Keep the following timeless kitchen trends in mind to ensure your remodeled kitchen stands the test of time.

Six Timeless Kitchen Trends:

Neutral Walls

Giving your kitchen a coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to transform its look. However, when you’re considering resale value, it pays to stick with neutrals. You might love sunshine yellow, but that doesn’t mean prospective buyers will. The prospect of repainting your kitchen will be a black mark against your home that might just turn them off. Neutrals are always popular as they’ll easily work with any fixtures, appliances, and kitchen décor. They also won’t date or distract the way more vivid colors can.

White is a classic option and that appeals to traditionalists. Cream and beige are also considered timeless kitchen trends. Even soft blues and greens can be considered neutral these days. Don’t be afraid to play with the other end of the spectrum. Black is an eye-catching choice for a contemporary kitchen. Gray is also the new black, according to many design experts.

You can disguise your cabinets by painting them in the same neutral as your walls. This will help them blend into the walls to create the illusion of space, so it’s a perfect painting choice for small kitchens.

Install an Eye-Catching Backsplash

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While neutrals rule on the walls, you can have a little more fun with your backsplash. Eye-catching blacksplashes cost very little, especially as you need only basic home improvement skills to install your own. Yet they can make a massive visual impact in a kitchen, transforming it from an average space to one full of personality.

Glass and metal tiles have a head-turning finish that always attracts attention. If you’ve not confident tiling, hire a professional or opt for a clever hack with laminate flooring planks, veneer stone, or tile decals.

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Select Quartz Countertops

When you’re remodeling with profits in mind, striking the right balance between good looks and affordable prices is essential. Quartz countertops deliver just what you’re looking for. They look like countertops made from natural stone, the leading choice for buyers today, but they’re much harder so they won’t show wear and tear before you’re ready to sell.

As they’re nonporous, quartz countertops also require little maintenance to retain their good looks and food-safe credentials. Without the pores of natural stone countertops, water and bacteria are less likely to seep in. You can actually prepare food straight on the surface; then wipe it away, knowing there are no nasties lingering behind.

Quartz countertops are a little more expensive than some stone countertops like those made from slate, limestone, and travertine, with average prices ranging from $55 to $155 per square foot. However, their durability makes them worth the splurge. Quartz countertops are also not as pricy as countertops made from marble, lava stone, and some granites.

Since quartz countertops are engineered rather than natural, such as granite countertops, pigments can be added during the production process. This means quartz countertops come in a wider variety of colors, so you can easily find one to suit your kitchen décor.

Hang Pendant Lights

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Don’t overlook your kitchen lighting. The right light overhead is essential for efficiently washing dishes and preparing meals. Without good lighting, you could easily chop your fingers rather than your veggies! Choose carefully and your light fixtures can also enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. When style matters, forget subdued recessed lights and opt for bold pendants instead.

While big, bold lights are beautiful, they shouldn’t dwarf your space. Consider the size of your kitchen and the height of your ceilings when selecting your pendant lights.

Add Stainless Steel Fixtures and Appliances

The rise of programs like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Masterchef” has inspired all of us to up our cooking games. In efforts to make our kitchens look like commercial quarters, modern consumers are shunning traditional white goods in favor of stainless steel fixtures and appliances. They might not help us cook like Gordon Ramsey or Wolfgang Puck, but they certainly project the right image. Stainless steel fixtures and appliances also withstand ample punishment, so they’ll look shiny and new long after you sell your home.

Visiting a showroom is a good way to get an idea of the kinds of stainless steel appliances and fixtures available, but the staff will probably steer you towards top-of-the-line items. While you can recoup value on a high-end stove, fridges, faucets, and other items can be more basic. Once you’ve assessed the market, shopping online is a great way to make smart decisions without any pressure.

Supersize Your Sink

Timeless kitchen trends

A too-small sink is one of the leading bugbears for homeowners. Avoid this problem by supersizing your sink  during your remodel. An extra-large sink makes washing bulky items such as pots, pans, and mixing bowls a breeze. You’ll also appreciate the oversized dimensions when you’re soaking saucepans with stubborn foodstuffs.

The sink is the most used fixture in any kitchen, so don’t skimp on size. This is one area of kitchen remodeling where bigger really is better. Style matters too, though. Undermount sinks are a contemporary alternative to top-mount sinks that modern buyers love. Seamless sinks, which are built into the countertop, are also incredibly chic.

You can also maximize your sink’s functionality with special features such as drain trays and built-in food preparation boards. These features can impact workspace though, so if you want them, make sure the sink is still large enough for practical use. If you have the space, why not add an extra sink? Many homeowners are installing small second sinks in their kitchen islands to boost their kitchens’ functionality.

Remodeling your kitchen can boost your home’s resale value, but only if your design choices don’t date. Opt for one of these timeless kitchen trends in color palettes and fixtures to get the best return on your investment.

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