6 Sneaky And Stylish Storage Solutions For Kitchens

kitchen storage shelves plates hanging utensils

Kitchen storage is an important thing to nail down to maximize functionality and even for aesthetics. Try these 6 sneaky and stylish strategies to cover it all.


To have a truly warming and welcoming kitchen that makes you want to cook on a routine basis, it needs cleanliness and order. Therefore, it’s important to clear unnecessary clutter out of the way. While this seems like a daunting or lengthy task, using a few of these ideas and your own creativity is all it takes to make a fancy but inconspicuous kitchen storage space.

1. Movable islands

For when you need extra space and a bit of flexibility when it comes to where some of your prep work happens, another handy tip is to invest in a movable island so you can shift it when you need extra room. This is especially helpful when you have helpers in the kitchen, when everyone’s elbows are flying during busy prep.

Assuming that you have a little extra floor space, making a kitchen island is not as difficult as you’d think. All you need is some old cabinetry, a desk, or even some reclaimed wood. From there, let your imagination do the work. Paint, stain, or varnish any wood to the style you desire.

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Faiella Design

Of course, you can buy a movable island too if you’re not feeling the DIY spirit calling you. Either way, a movable island lends you that practical flexibility, and fits in stylishly too.

2. Modular shelving

Construct shelving on any available section of the wall or in closets is your way of turning empty space into usable areas for whatever it is you need to have close at hand in your kitchen; pots, plats, cookbooks, timers, anything.

You can buy modular shelving in kits. If you’re handy, you can make shelving yourself out of reclaimed wood, metal, or re-purposed tile. Either way, this is your chance to get creative with function and look.

Eclectic Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Michael Goodsmith Design

3. The Lazy Susan

This one may be less sneaky, in that a lot of people have found the Lazy Susan to be useful, and not just in the kitchen. In fact, it’s a great way to store just about anything. Placing condiments on it in the fridge frees up a lot of space and makes it simpler to locate that jar of relish you want.

Put one in your pantry to organize spices. If you want to become super organized, sort the spices alphabetically so you know exactly what you have or might need to buy at the store. Even pots and pans on a ‘Susan can help you avoid the usual crash bang when seeking out your preferred saucepans.

Contemporary Kitchen by Millbrae Kitchen & Bath Designers KB Cabinets

4. Tension rods

Simple plastic or metal tension rods lend themselves as excellent space savers in the kitchen. For cleaning supplies, install one under the sink and hang cleaning products on them, while leaving the area underneath free for something else.

Contemporary Kitchen by Portsmouth Interior Designers & Decorators Patty Kennedy Interiors, LLC

Place them vertically in cabinetry to act as a divider, or screw one into the wall as another place to hang kitchen utensils.

5. Pegboards

Without a doubt, pegboards are a versatile asset in the kitchen. They are basically perforated boards that hold hooks for your various utensils or baskets to store canned goods or spices. Paint them whatever color suits you and hang them on a wall. Purchase a four-foot by eight-foot pegboard from your local hardware store for under $20.

Eclectic Kitchen by Alpharetta Interior Designers & Decorators Liv By Design Interiors

6. Magnet knife storage

Perhaps you don’t want to root through your jumble drawers for the right knife for the right job. Instead, why not consider the power of magneticism? Magnetic strips installed over a kitchen work area are a convenient and safe way to store knives in the modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen by London Interior Designers & Decorators Increation Interior Design

Further, the knife holder on the wall keeps your work area clear, and adds something visually to your space while your at it.

Easy hacks for kitchen storage

Kitchen storage doesn’t have to break the bank or add to any stresses in your life. Rather than making it a nuisance, use your own creativity to give the kitchen a creative practicality all your own.


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