6 Spaces For Home Gyms: An Infographic

Home gyms help us to maintain our fitness levels at any time of the day, right where we live. Here are 6 places to set one up, presented in infographic form.


In the 21st century, we’re valuing balance in our lives more than ever. This certainly includes staying fit as we manage careers, relationships, creative pursuits, and parenting. But, our schedules don’t often allow us the flexibility of regular trips to the gym. So, many of us are solving that problem by working out at home in home gyms.

But, the question of where to set up a home gym is a pertinent one as we’re also downscaling, and being more creative with our home spaces beyond traditional ideas of what a room or a space is supposed to be for us.

Here are 6 spaces to consider, based on an earlier piece we published a while back and in infographic form. Take a look!

BuildDirect_HomeGyms_v1 copy

Your home gym

Do you have a home gym? Where is it located?

What were some of the challenges in setting it up?

If you don’t have one (and even if you do!), which of the above appeals to you the most?

Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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