6 Ways to Spruce Up Your RV or Mobile Home

mobile home with big yard

If you’ve got a small space interior space in need of updating, it’s time to think big! View your RV or mobile home updates the same way you would view home renovations. Look into quality products, design trends, and DIY projects that will transform the interior of your small space into something amazing.

Update Any Wall Paneling

wood wall paneling

Old wood paneling easily adds a dated look to your small interior spaces. Luckily, replacing wood paneling isn’t a complicated project, and the wall paneling options available to you today are vast and creative. Many lovely wood designs and patterns, like cork and hardwood, are available for your wall paneling, but your choices don’t only center on wood. Stone patterns, brick patterns, and even decorative prints like license plates or giant bamboo shoots are at your disposal.

ledgestone paneling vs brick paneling

(Left) Carrick Arizona Ledge Stone SKU: 10102694 (Right) Carrick French Country Brick SKU: 10102695

While you’re choosing your new paneling, take this opportunity to create an accent wall! Choose neutral paneling, or switch to drywall, for most of your walls. Then pick a focal wall and install a patterned paneling that works with your interior design scheme.

Repair or Update Your Ceiling

woman installing ceiling

The ceiling is an often overlooked part of your small interior space. Whether you’ve got ceiling damage or are simply tired of whatever’s up there, updating your ceiling is a simple DIY weekend project that will rejuvenate the interior of your RV or mobile home. Think of your ceiling as a canvas: painting it light blue or yellow will add light and color to your space. You can stencil designs up there. Attaching mirrors is a clever and modern trick that brings extra light into small spaces. The possibilities end only where your imagination does.

under deck ceiling before vs after

CeilingKw!k Ceiling & UNderDeck Kit SKU: 10098931

If you need a quick repair, here’s a simple fix: under deck ceiling material is resilient and easy to install, and it will go inside your house as easily as it will go outside. It’s white, which is the perfect color for a ceiling in a small space. Ceilings rarely receive the design attention we give the rest of the house, and updating your ceiling will make your entire mobile home feel more modern.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures

RV interior

Lighting is so important in small interior spaces. The wrong lighting will make your mobile home or RV feel like a tiny cave, but the right lighting will turn it into a delightful space that you’ll love spending time in. The trick to lighting small interior space is to pay attention to where your light sources are. A single overhead light darkens the corners of the room, creating an enclosed feeling. Multiple levels of light, however, bathe the room in a warm glow.

Wall lighting gives you the power to create levels of lighting without taking up valuable space with floor and table lamps. By installing wall sconces, you not only help banish the shadows your ceiling lighting casts, you also add attractive design elements to your mobile home. Interior wall sconces come in all shapes and sizes, from designs that look like they belong in Victorian England and will give you a lovely turn-of-the-century look, to ultra-modern pieces with trend forward designs.

Don’t forget to update your overhead lights, too. Modern fixtures will do wonders to update the interior feel of your home. You can also pick an overhead fixture with several lights in it to spread out the illumination.


framed art on wall

Small details come together to make your small interior space feel like home. Even something as simple as your windowsills can give your mobile home or RV a dated, run-down feeling or a new, modern air. Just like the art you hang on the walls, your window treatments add personality to your interior spaces. If you love Art Deco, for example, go with a window treatment that features a keystone design, then hang some great gold and black artwork on the walls.

Relying on lamps to provide light isn’t for everyone, but lamps do make fantastic accent pieces. With fun shade shapes and bases that fit into almost every design scheme, a table or floor lamp might be just what you need to add some personality to your living room or bedroom.

Remove Walls

The walls inside your mobile home probably aren’t load-bearing, which makes removing them much simpler than removing or moving the walls inside a regular house. Something you need to watch out for is what’s known as the “marriage line,” which is the seam where two mobile homes join together to form a double-wide. Removing this wall requires professional help, because it’s part of the structural integrity of the mobile home.

Removing walls within your mobile home widens your design options because you have more space. Instead of walls dividing up your small interior space, use furniture, curtains, and screens. The space will feel airy and open. Plus, larger spaces allow for bolder design trends. If you like bright colors, big accent pieces, or large framed artwork, removing walls will give you the space to display your flair without it overwhelming the room.

Give Your Kitchen and Bath a Facelift


Updating the kitchen and the bathroom is usually a matter of sprucing up your cabinet doors, getting rid of old tiles, and installing new sink fixtures. You don’t have to go through a huge renovation to make your bathroom or kitchen feel like new. Try painting or refinishing your cabinet doors, and replacing the knobs and pulls. As you’re choosing new tile for the bathroom and the kitchen’s backsplash, take the opportunity to repaint as well. Since your interior space are small, stick to light paint colors that compliment your tile choices. Finally, when choosing your new faucet fixtures, ensure that they’re compatible with your RV’s unique plumbing system.

Small Interior spaces have more potential than we often give them credit for, and they deserve the best renovations we can give them. Even a few changes to your RV or mobile home’s interior will have a transformative effect over the entire space.

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