7 Book Shelf and Book Storage Ideas For the Well-Read

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I don’t know about you, but I find the presence of books in a space to be sort of comforting. And the rainbow of colors that book spines allow make for their own contribution to the visual punch of  a space, too. Having said that, the presence of books can also be a source of visual clutter for many. And clutter, as we’ve found, is the enemy of serenity.

So how do you show off your well-read tomes creatively, without creating literary claustrophobia?

For you bookworms out there, I thought I’d  present these 7 design ideas for storing books that are both stylistically unique as well as practical.  After all, no one wants to banish books just because they take up space, right? They reflect your personality. And personality is certainly something you want to show off.

These suggestions will help you turn the page on how you’ve stored books in the past.

See what I did there?

Never mind.

Let’s take a look!


1. Book storage in window boxes

Store your flowery poetry in a place usually associated with flowers themselves.  Swap your colorful petals adorning the outside of your home, to the colorful spines which can adorn your interior. Bookshelves that are incorporated with your windows make use of space that is normally wasted.

Photo: Families.com

And what better place to keep a book than by a source of natural light? Read more about this on Mary Ann Romans’ post on Families.com.

2. Spell-it-out bookcase

Straight lines for shelving can be so dull. But, what if those straight lines providing something extra? Take a look at this set of book shelves that offers some advice using negative space.

Read your bookcase book storage

Photo: Brett Jordan

Check out this blog post about Saporiti ABC bookshelves for more information.

3. Bookshelf clubhouse

I love this one from HGTV.com – kind of a house made of books. It’s a great storage idea, but it also lends tons and tons of character to a child’s room.

For more very cool ideas, read Elana Safronsky’s top 5 book storage ideas that you wish you’d thought of.

4. The ultimate reading chair

For those of you who want a book very, very close to your favourite reading seat, I submit that this must be the pinnacle of reading chair convenience. Also, it certainly solves the problem of book storage. When you’re done, just throw a tasteful cover over it until you’re ready to get lost in another book.

Photo: Jerome Weeks, Arts Journal

Find out more details on Jerome Weeks’ piece on new frontiers in book storage.

5. Book storage recliner

To continue on the sitting-and-reading theme, here’s another one that solves both problems at once. But, this time, you’re encouraged to recline, rather than just sit, on the Dondola – a sleek, stainless steel reading space/book storage solution. If you’ve got several books on the go, you can keep them all here in one convenient place, while also providing some physical counterbalance as you recline.

Book storage Dondola recliner

Photo: Popgadget.com

To find out more about the Dondola on this post about places to read in style with book chairs, courtesy of popgadget.com

6. Angular book storage

Despite some of the previous storage ideas, it would be a mistake to think that the traditional book shelf doesn’t cut it. But, a more interesting design on a traditional theme can certainly go a long way. One of the first stops on this front is doing away with standard 90° angles. Designer David Ngo shows what that looks like here.

Angled book shelf

Photo: ngocrump.com

Who needs a bookend? No need for one here.

7. Book shelf wall hangings

If you’ve got a wall to decorate, and you’re looking for a creative way to store books, then perhaps one solution might address both goals.  While you’re at it, why not add something of the Baroque style?

Baroque Bookshelves

Photo: Graham & Green (grahamandgreen.co.uk)

Here you’ve got a conversation piece, and a practical means of displaying some of your favorite tales. For more information, check out other ideas for bookshelves and cabinets on grahamandgreen.co.uk.


Books aren’t just objects taking up space, or at least they don’t have to be. They represent you; your taste, your experience, your values. Celebrate them, and fight the dark forces of clutter in a creative way.

Have you got your own solutions to your book collection? Tell me about it in the comments section!



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