7 Brilliant Ways to Reinvent A Spare Closet

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The most important thing about urban living with smaller spaces is never, ever waste any room.

Closets are great for storage, but they’re also an often-wasted space requiring often-expensive solutions for maximizing them. The thing is, those storage needs could be easily solved overhead or with the use of shelving elsewhere.

That closet, that architectural detail though, that little nook of space, is something money can’t buy… but sure can reinvent.

Repurposing a closet you don’t really need can radically transform your home’s usefulness.

Here’s a look at a few ways to make that closet into a whole new solution.


1) The Kid’s Club

With a little step-ladder, a sturdy horizontal dividing shelf, some sitting pillows, and personal touches, an instant world-away-from-everyone is created for two kids to hang out in. It’s a wonderful way of giving kids another part of the house that’s theirs without having to give up a lot of square-footage to do it.

Source: fortheboys.squarespace.com via Virginia on Pinterest

2) The Home Office

There’s no end to some of the awesome home offices created in closets. Again, it’s how to not sacrifice your square-footage while giving yourself a new space with a whole lot of user-added value.

It’s a solution that comes with a lot of flexibility when you’re in a standard-sized closet, because it’s easy to custom-build something but there’s often a lot of purchase choices for everything from the desk to fixtures.

With a nice curtain, door, or blind, you can just hide the office from view when your mind’s not on work. Take this beautiful, elegant little solution — with stunning wallpaper as a backdrop, sitting at the desk won’t feel like you’ve been sent to the corner to behave. The desk is simply a little drawer unit with a paper organizer on top, and a nice sheet of finished MDF laid overtop. With some funky fixtures, an Ikea rail for accessories, it all comes together as a really surprising bonus space in a master bedroom.

3) The Craft Station

If you’re into sewing, scrapbooking, or any other hobby that has a whole lot of bits and parts to keep sorted, a closet is a life-saver of a workspace. Loaded with helpful dividers, drawers, and shelves, a closet can make quick work of staying on top of your favorite hobbies, and keeping your house free of the crazy that can sometimes come with them.

4) The Prayer or Meditation Nook

When it comes to meditating or praying, the last thing you need is distraction. A nice closet redone with inspiring colors and a few important pieces can go a long way to helping you gain the focus and clarity you’re after. A little stereo for meditation music, some comfortable cushions, whatever you think will better help you reach that place, it can all go right here.

5) The Wine Cellar

Maybe it’s not refrigerated, but in most modern climate-controlled homes, it’s likely not a big concern, especially if it’s in the basement. A closet is probably all the cellar the average person needs. If you’re a serious wine investor, a lot of companies do custom installs for closet wine cellars, and others sell kits. Look around.

But if you’re willing to take a gamble with your collection of $20 wines, buying some ready-made cellar shelving, bracketing it together, and filling your closet to your vinophile content is a great way to go.

Of course Instructables has some guidance for you on that one.

6) The Ultimate Reading Nook

Kill two birds with one stone. Get a great place to read and a little library by converting a little walk-in closet or storage area. Obviously some serious custom cabinetry went into play in this version, but lesser versions could be achieved with some DIY creativity and storebought pieces.

7) The Appliance Pantry

If your kitchen isn’t huge, putting your appliances in an easy-to-access spot is one way to make sure they don’t gather dust. Nothing made me happier than converting my present storeroom into a pantry for dry goods and appliances. Getting the rice cooker or the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer has never been so easy. Some retailers have fantastic industrial metal shelving as high as 6-foot-tall for as little as $20. Despite this elaborate look in this closet/pantry, a couple industrial shelves makes this a conversion you could get the most bang for your buck with.

Source: houzz.com via Virginia on Pinterest


Any way you slice it, a closet conversion can be the best thing that ever happened to a space you might not be using to its potential. You might not be able to afford a bigger home, but your home might be able to act bigger than you think

Think outside the closet. You might be thrilled you did.

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