7 Common Pitfalls When Renovating a Home

home renovation layout plan

Home renovations are an exciting and serious undertakings. They can be stressful. To remove some of that stress here are 7 common renovation mistakes to avoid with home remodeling.


Making your house a home requires hard work, dedication and money. As you’re planning your finances and other aspects of your remodel, be aware of these seven renovation mistakes that can sometimes impact more than your bank account.

#1 Underestimating the complexity of the project

Before you start planning, ask yourself if you’re capable of handling DIY upgrades. Consider your skills and the scope of the project. If you don’t think you can handle your project yourself, hire a pro.

#2 Failing to plan

Make your renovation plans early. Write down a plan that will act as a guide for your timing and budget. Without a plan, you will end up rushing your project, which could result in additional costs.

#3 Ignoring issues

Renovation often entails tearing down walls and ripping up floors. There is a high probability you will discover a fault that you did not anticipate. This is especially likely if you’re working on older homes. Fixing problems as you find them can impact your timeline, but you’ll avoid a serious problem later.

#4 Purchasing cheap materials

In the end, cheap is expensive. Purchase the best quality materials you can afford. Using cheap materials will result in increased maintenance and pricey, future repairs.

#5 Not hiring a professional

Some homeowners prefer a DIY approach. But, projects like roof replacement or electrical work are difficult to tackle alone. If you’re not entirely sure about the extent of your project, always hire a professional.

#6 Ignoring safety

Before you start your renovations, have experts inspect your home. Renovating a house otherwise can result in major damage an become a major renovation mistake.

#7 Not complying with rules and regulation

Before you embark on a renovation, make sure you have the proper permits. When your renovations are complete, an inspector will check your home for code violations. To ensure that your renovations are up-to-date, have all your necessary permits before you begin your remodel.

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