7 Creative Ways To Turn Your Deck Into Party Central

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Your deck is designed for entertaining friends and family. Here are some ways to make your deck the center of your summer at home.


Decks are great places for parties, but simply having a deck attached to your house is just the beginning of turning it into a staging ground for great times and memories. Good seating and adequate space in general is a great start, but you have so many more options when it comes to really making your deck shine.

By outfitting the space correctly, you can turn your run-of-the-mill deck into a stunning party space.

Install counters

Counters make it so much easier for you to entertain, especially with storage underneath them. That way you can display food and drinks within easy reach for guests, and you can keep all of the party essentials in the storage space. You’ll never have to run back inside for something when it’s all stored within easy reach.

Use mosquito netting

Mosquitos are a total buzzkill at parties, if you’ll pardon the pun. To keep guests comfortable without that citronella smell, put mosquito netting up around your deck. When it’s mosquito season, you can keep the pesky insects outside and the party comfortable within.

Light tiki torches and candles

Cool lighting can really make or break the ambience of a party. Instead of relying on recessed lighting or electricity, put up some tiki torches and light a bunch of candles around your deck space.

To keep the candles from being a fire hazard, put them in glass jars. As long as the tiki torches stay away from the side of the house and any wooden deck material, they’ll be fine.

homemade jar lanterns

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Divide your space

Use furniture, decorations, and umbrellas to divide your deck into several smaller areas. That way your parties feel more intimate, making it easier for guests to chat in smaller groups.

Plus, you can highlight a different type of food or a variety of outdoor design elements in each space. Another cool option is to redesign your deck with several levels and short staircases connecting them.

Incorporate fresh flowers

You’re already outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose the best parts of nature to highlight at your party. Fresh flower arrangements add beauty and luscious scents to any gathering. Pick flowers from your garden and put them on display, or buy some exotic tropical options at your local flower shop.

Hook up a sound system

Nothing says party like music. Hooking up outdoor speakers is a great way to boost the mood of your gathering. A little goes a long way here. You don’t want to overpower natural conversation, so a few speakers in the right locations will be perfect.

Fire up the grill

Grilling out is the epitome of a summer party, so add a built-in grill to your deck space for fantastic cooking during the party. Not only will this prevent you from having to run to the kitchen for more supplies, but the guests will also smell your tasty food before it’s ready.

Incorporate as many of these ideas as you see fit, and don’t forget to put your own unique spin on your deck space. With some excellent new design elements, your deck will promote a great social atmosphere. Now you’re ready to have the party of the season!


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