7 Deck Umbrellas For Outdoor Living Spaces

Step 1: Place umbrella holder on ground. Step 2: Stick umbrella pole into umbrella holder. Step 3. Open the umbrella.

You think that’s all there is to know about deck umbrellas? Not so. Color, size, material – we’re going to cover what you need to know about deck umbrellas that help create the ambience (and shade) that you want.


1. Offset Umbrella

This umbrella seems to be leaning over as if to say, “Hey buddy. You sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable over here?” It doesn’t take much to be quirky and fun.

Source: costco.com via Sarah on Pinterest


2. Quantity is a Quality

What’s better than one umbrella? How about 4? Move your umbrellas around and maximize the coverage in your back yard.

Source: hayneedle.com via Flavia on Pinterest


3. Simple Setup

A table and deck-chair set with an in-built umbrella pole is handy for brunch, barbecues or just sipping drinks in the garden.

Source: google.com via Brittany on Pinterest


4. LED Deck Umbrella

Need a little extra light for dining in the early evening? This LED deck umbrella gives off an artificial starlight effect that works particularly well on nights when the heavens aren’t feeling so generous with the real thing.


6. We Are Rollin’!

Umbrella poles can be kind of heavy and awkward to move around. This suggests a simple solution – rock planter on wheels as a mobile base that goes anywhere.


7. Pretty Cute

This umbrella looks almost like it belongs in a martini. That’s especially apt if you’re thinking of socializing on the deck. It’s summer. You’re on vacation. Relaaaax.

Source: sunset.com via Lisa on Pinterest



Umbrellas are indispensable summer fixtures to help bring a bit of indoor comfort outdoors by keeping you in the shade. Got any recommendations for an umbrella that looks great and keeps you cool? Write into the comments!

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