7 DIY Projects To Spruce Up A Backyard For Guests

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There’s something about warm weather that makes you want to take the party outside, but what can you do if your backyard is less than appealing? Get your outdoor space in shipshape condition and ready to entertain guests with these seven quick tips.

1. Create comfortable seating using pallets

While dragging your kitchen chairs outside is certainly an option, they won’t be the most comfortable seating plan you could come up with. It’s easier than you might think to make DIY garden sofas. Create a base using old pallets — painted in a color of your choice — and cover in blankets and a generous helping of plump cushions.

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2. Make a cozy den

Although younger guests will definitely appreciate your efforts, dens aren’t just for little people. To create your own, stretch a rope between two trees and drape a large sheet or blanket over the top to act as a canopy. Make the inside nice and cozy with rugs and cushions.

3. Build a fire pit

Fire pits and summer entertaining go hand in hand. S’mores anyone? It should take no more than an hour or two to build a fire pit in your backyard. With a few extra tweaks, you can even cook your dinner on it, and as an added bonus, it will allow you to enjoy summer living even in the fall when temperatures start to drop.

4. Light up the festivities

When you’re trying to create a welcoming ambience, nothing will help you do so as well as clever lighting. Twinkling fairy lights strung through the trees look nice, but in keeping with the DIY theme, why not have a go at creating some of your own hanging mason lights?

5. Add privacy to your backyard

Whether you want to create a romantic hideaway or simply enjoy the company of friends without any uninvited eyes crashing your conversation, a little privacy goes a long way. Long term options include growing a hedge or building a wall, but if you’re after a quick fix, create a screen with containers filled with tall bamboo.

6. Create DIY games

Add a little fun to your backyard gathering by creating some games — of the DIY variety of course. One idea is to use chalk to draw a grid on the patio floor, and paint pebbles to look like ladybirds and beetles, to create a unique game of Tic Tac Toe. It will keep you and your guests — particularly the smaller ones — entertained for hours.

7. Add fragrance and color

Add the finishing touches to your DIY backyard with some flowers. Container gardens are quick to create, add fragrance and color, and you can rearrange them as you please. Make your new plants pull double duty as a mosquito repellant by adding catnip and citronella grass to the containers.

Why not get cracking?

These tips won’t take too long to pull together, so why not get cracking? You could be entertaining guests in the comfort of your fabulous new backyard before the day is out.


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