7 Fun Bedroom Trends Making A Comeback

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Bedrooms are not immune to trends! Here are some popular past trends, making a comeback in a newer, fresher way.


As with fashion, home trends come and go. But again, like fashion, home trends from the past tend to make comebacks – although in a slightly different way each time. Bedrooms are no exception! Here are a few bedroom trends which are on the rise, and how you can incorporate them into your space:

1. Headboards

Of course, headboards have been around for a very long time, and they never really went away, but it seems that after a few years of minimalism for bedrooms, headboards have become a necessity in bedrooms once again these days. Even if you already have a headboard – it’s a simple thing to change up!

It’s simple to find a plain thick piece of wood and make one yourself! Add some padding and cover it with any fabric of your choice for an absolutely luxurious headboard.

2. Color!

After years of the minimalistic look in bedrooms – perhaps yours is white or beige – color is back – AND is the easiest way to transform a room! I’ve recently written posts on Spring colors to use in your home, as well as the emotional response to certain colors (check this one out!) so use those as a starting point for helping to pick out colors for your space.

A coat of paint on one, or more, walls is generally the easiest way to wake up a room with color. But pillows, curtains, a new bedspread, or a simple rug are all great ways to add color to a room if you can’t – or just don’t want to – paint your walls.

Modern Minimalist Living Room Tv Wall And Ceiling Ideas Wall Ide

Color in a bedroom can come in many forms. Here, the pastels of the bedspread and the neutrality of the carpet and walls are contrasted by the earthy tones of the wall paneling (“Perahu Storm” on the Grafton label from BuildDirect.).

Browse for colorful and decorative wall paneling.

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the past few years – and it’s MUCH better than the wallpaper you may remember in your home in the 80’s! Gone are the days of heavy, gooey wallpaper paste, and the paper peeling on the edges after only a few months – today’s wallpaper is easy to apply and a lot more durable.

Temporary wallpapers are also available if you don’t want to make a forever commitment on your walls. These are also easy to apply, and peel off with little effort once you no longer want it.

4. A Multi-purpose Space

This bedroom trend is the exact opposite to the minimalist trend – this is having your room act more as a small apartment than just a bedroom – bringing back the decadent, luxury feel we saw in some bedrooms a few decades ago.

Some people are knocking out walls to incorporate two bedrooms into one, adding en-suites, creating nooks for working, setting up extra tables and chairs, and even creating makeshift kitchens. Often a granite countertop is added along a wall, or in a corner, along with small appliances such as small refrigerators, microwaves and coffee makers. You may not have to leave their bedroom for days!

Open floor plan bedroom and bathroom

However, if this is something that interests you, keep a page from the minimalist look book and make sure everything is well organized, and also try hard to keep any work or projects put away, or at least out of sight.

5. Curtains

Blinds have replaced curtains in a lot of bedrooms – and other rooms! But the bedroom trend is moving back to curtains these days. They don’t need to be the long, dark, heavy ones you likely had in your childhood home – curtains come in all types of materials, and can give any look you like.

6. Rugs

Hardwood floors have become popular in bedrooms in the past few decades, and they look great, but these days, as you can tell, the bedroom trend is moving back to true comfort and luxury. Rugs are an easy solution!

area rug bedroom

Yanchi label bamboo shag area rug (“Ivory”); a perfect complement to dark wood flooring, and warm and soft under foot.

Browse for area rugs.

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and if you truly want to be on trend, you can even choose a shag rug! Plush rugs work well for bedrooms, and you can choose a neutral rug to keep it casual – but it’s rugs in true, rich, luxurious colors that make your room look fresh now!

7. Originality

It’s ALWAYS a trend to be original! Bedroom trends are only worth adopting if it’s something YOU like and want in your space. Even if you are following a trend, take it and make it into something that speaks to your style and what you need and want in your space.

Your Space

Is your bedroom in need of some updating? Let us know what changes you plan to make in the comments.

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