7 Herbs That Flourish In Summer

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Growing your own herbs in summer makes for fresh ingredients and tasty meals. Here is a selection of 7 herbs that flourish in summer herb gardens.


Whether you’re an aspiring executive chef or new to the culinary game, fresh spices make a huge difference in the taste of entrees. So, which herbs grow best around summertime to give your dishes a little kick? Check out a few of these herbs that you can plant now to get a great harvest throughout the summer.

1. Cilantro


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If you love Mexican cuisine or maybe just a nice salsa, make sure to plant some cilantro, aka coriander. This herb pairs nicely with just about anything, from burritos to rice and beans. If you want to keep the seeds, check the plant often as birds tend to love the taste. After each harvest, plant a new one to maintain an adequate quantity for the summer.

2. Basil

basil in a bowl indoors

Basil is easy to grow from the seed and requires very little upkeep. It thrives in full sun and warm temperatures, so there’s no need to take it back inside once it starts growing. Trim the leaves often to keep a good supply, and remember that basil is as versatile as it comes. It tastes great on just about anything, especially a Caprese salad.

3. Oregano


(image: Jack O’Neill)

A staple of Italian cuisine, oregano is another great herb for the summer because it loves full sun. It is versatile and easily used fresh, refrigerated, or dried. In late summer, the plant even blooms white or purple flowers, making it pleasing to the eye. Many gardeners use oregano for this two-prong benefit.

4. Rosemary


(image: THOR)

Rosemary is the perfect summer herb because it hates cold weather. If you plan on starting some seedlings early, it’s best to put them in a pot that you can bring inside in the event of a freeze. It tastes great on chicken, or even as an added garnish to a pizza.

5. Parsley


(image: Tharsh)

An underrated herb, parsley is typically used as a garnish, however, it is a great way to enhance the flavors of your dishes. Like the other herbs mentioned here, it loves direct sunlight. The only drawback to growing parsley is that it is biennial, meaning it only grows every other year.

6. Mint


(image: Kham Tran)

While mint flavors are often overwhelming, adding just the right amount to various foods, such as lamb chops, are a nice addition. Mint loves hot weather and thrives in high humidity, full sunlight areas. If you start it early enough, a harvest in May means you’ll entertain guests with Mint Juleps, Kentucky Derby-style.

7. Dill


(image: Hans)

There’s nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying some fresh vegetables with a nice dill dip. Instead of buying it at the store this year, make your own. Dill is a resilient plant that grows well during the summer. It also pairs well with fish and works as a flavor enhancer in anything you want to pickle.

Herbs of your labor

These are just a few of the options available to you for your summer herb garden, but many more like fennel, tarragon, and sage shouldn’t be ignored, either. Once you have them planted, sit back, relax, and enjoy the herbs of your labor.

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