7 Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas That Look Upscale

Want to give your home a richer look and feel, but don’t have the money to spend? Here are a few easy ways to create luxury home decor on a budget.


Did you realize it IS possible to make your home décor look upscale and luxurious, without actually spending a lot of money?! Home decor products are getting better and better every day, so quality doesn’t need to be sacrificed for cost when designing your home. Here are a few luxury home decor ideas on budget that you can make in your home that look expensive.

1. Rugs

Rugs come in all qualities these days, and you can even find rich looking, plush rugs at a low to mid-price point. But do use some caution. There are still a lot of dud rugs out there!

Take a good look at the rug and make sure there are no pulls, the fibers are uniform in size, and the seams lay flat. Choose your rugs in classic colors with very gentle patterns so they won’t appear dated, and will fit nicely into your room.

Yanchi Area Rugs - Recycled Paper Shag

Ivory Shag 3’x5 Yanchi label natural bamboo area rug.

2. Flooring

If you are in love with hardwood floors but are finding they are too pricey. Take a look at vinyl plank flooring! In the last few years vinyl plank flooring has grown leaps and bounds in how it looks and is a fantastic alternative to wood floors. You can find these in a variety of colors and shades, and best of all – it is easy to install.

Browse for vinyl plank flooring.


Vesdura Vinyl Planks – 6mm WPC Click Lock – Long Plank Collection “Windswept” from BuildDirect.

One way to create a luxury home decor ideas on budget is porcelain stone! These durable tiles also come in a huge selection of colors and shades, are easy to install, and give any room a rich feel at only a moderate cost. Cheap flooring doesn’t mean second rate.

3. Window frames

If your window frames are peeling and uneven it’s going to make the room look cheap! Re-framing your windows can be just enough to lift a room. Sometimes even a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference.

4. Art

Art always spruces up a room nicely, adding a rich touch. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive art. Find a piece or two that speaks to you and fits into the room nicely.

5. Lighting

Natural light brings out the best in any room, but if that’s not possible, choose the best lighting you can.

You can find a variety of inexpensive lamps which are stylish and look expensive – but you also have to make sure they give off enough light to brighten the room, as dull light can make rooms look drab.

6. Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a nice, historic trim to ceilings in grand old homes. You can get the same look by picking up crown molding pieces and putting them up yourself! You can find a variety of patterns and sizes and adds a great touch to any room.

Use crown molding to cap walls and cabinets, and for window valances.

Browse crown moldings.

7. De-clutter

This is the easiest, most inexpensive secret of all! Loads of furniture, knickknacks, and anything else shoved into a room, on shelves, and on walls, can overwhelm a room. Remove all but needed furniture and a few select pieces of art, and immediately you’ll see your room opens right up and looks much richer.

Live Rich

What luxury home decor ideas on budget have you tried out in your home? Share your results with us in the comment section.

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