7 Things You DON’T Need in Your Bathroom

modern bathroom detail of a bath and sink

Don’t store what you don’t need! Whether you want to improve your guest quarters or find some space in your condo bathroom, here are some great ideas to make a small space seem luxurious and welcoming, and maximize your room for optimal use.

1. The scary bathroom scale

Who wants to turn the bathroom into an instrument of torture? Unless you’re on a medically supervised diet, there’s no need to weigh yourself every day, and this little tool can take up a significant amount of floor space in a small bathroom. Place it inside a cabinet, or, better yet, save weighing yourself for those times when it is absolutely necessary, like at your yearly physical or your monthly trip to the gym.

2. Weirdly unused counter-top baskets of soap

As lovely as these bathroom centerpieces can be, they are often just a place to gather dust. All of those soaps you’ve collected from stocking stuffers and distant vacations and put in a dish for guests to pick? Please. People don’t use them. There’s a preference for more sanitary pump dispensers in this day and age. If you want to display something purely for its esthetic value, use a shelf so that you don’t take up valuable real estate where people need to place their toiletries when they come to visit.

3. The dreaded shower curtain

When it comes to a bathroom with a shower, a true shower curtain is not always necessary. In fact, a fabric shower curtain can harm your health if you don’t regularly launder it with bleach. Yeast, bacteria, and fungal microspores can grow easily in the moist, warm environment of a room with a shower, especially if you don’t have a window in the room to air it out every day. Instead, find a shower curtain liner or all-synthetic curtain to spruce up the room and protect your family from harm.

4. A mushy floor mat

When it comes to a bath or shower room, the floor mat can sometimes become just as much of a liability as the shower curtain. Most people don’t wash it nearly as often as they should, since it’s easy to dry it by flinging it over the nearest towel rack. Perhaps think a little bit more long term, and consider a wet room floor made of hardy porcelain or stone, with a central drain that will eliminate the need for a mat, and keep your bathroom looking (and smelling) wonderful.

5. Standalone furniture that just gets in the way

If you’re tripping to get to the toilet, something has to give. When we need to add more storage to our bathrooms, we often just pile it up: a basket here, a rolling cart there, another bookshelf that seems wholly out of place. Over time, these things just become clutter, and they make it hard for us to access what we need quickly.

marble top vanity

Pedra Marble Vanity Top with UM Oval Bowl

Find a better way to plan out space for your toilet paper, your towels, and your toothbrush by getting the right vanity for your space, and incorporating shelving that suits your actual needs, rather than the needs of the contractor who built your house in the first place. Turntables or lazy susans made for kitchen items work well under the sink, as they make it easy to get at tall bottles. Simply turn the turntable around and you’ll be able to grab whatever you need.

6. Expired everything

Our bathrooms often become repositories for every odd bottle of medication, expired cleaning products, and makeup filled with bacteria. Make sure you take time every couple of months to explore the hidden reaches of the bathroom, such as the shower, bath, under counters, and behind closed doors, to find what you can recycle or throw away. Get rid of all of those useless sample bottles you never use. Make sure you return all unused prescription pills and creams to the pharmacy rather than throwing them in a landfill, and never flush them down the toilet!

7. Stacks and rows of “product”

There are so many products we use in our bathrooms that are simply not necessary. Think about whether you can replace a few steps in your morning routine, or perhaps you can decide to use natural or household alternatives that will save you time and money, as well as space in your home!

Make your own rules

Get rid of what you don’t need, and you’ll be well on your way to a more beautiful and relaxing room! It’s important to look at the big picture: what is important to your bathroom experience on a daily basis? The more that you clear out clutter and things that contribute to ill health, the more relaxing your shower, bath, or daily routine will become.




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