7 Unique Ideas For Unused Fireplaces

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empty fireplace travertine tile floor

Do you have an unused fireplace you’re not quite sure what to do with? Fear not, here are a 7 unique and practical ideas to transform fireplaces!


A fireplace is a fantastic focal point for a room – and more importantly, it gives off quite a bit of heat. But occasionally your fireplace may need more work than you can handle, or you may have done some renovations which now makes it impossible to continue to use your fireplace.

So what are you to do with a fireplace that you can’t light a fire in anymore? The first step is to remove everything, clean it out, and put down a solid base – this can be an extension of your carpeting, tile, or even just a sturdy board you can paint or cover up. You’ll likely want to permanently block off the top to prevent any cold air or debris from coming in.
Now is the fun part – deciding what to do with it next!

Here are a few exciting suggestions:

1. A book nook

Bookshelves may be taking over your living room but you’re not ready to part with any of your books – so an unused fireplace is the perfect place to store them! You could just stack up your classics in there, or you could insert a small shelf and keep them a little neater looking. Your books will still be easily accessible while freeing up valuable wall space.

2. Knick-knacks or decorative items

Most people store their knick knacks on their mantle, but move a few of the larger ones down into the fireplace. Vases, a cluster of candles, a sculpture, or some larger figurines will look great showcased in your empty fireplace.

3. Seasonal displays

Make your unused fireplace into a small stage to celebrate the seasons using different decorations. In the fall stack a few branches, or put your pumpkins and other gourds in there. At Christmas time you could store extra presents, fake wrapped boxes to give off a holiday feel, or use it to display a Christmas Village. In the spring and summer an array of flowers or plants will keep the room looking fresh.

4. Fire logs

If you have some old firewood left over fill up your fireplace completely with neatly stacked rows of it. I have seen this done before and it looks quite good – and a bit ironic!

5. A mirror

If you don’t feel like cleaning out your old fireplace but aren’t able to use it, block off the opening with a mirror. This will reflect off the room making it look bigger while drawing attention away from your unused fireplace.

6. Install doors to make storage

This one is similar to the mirror idea above – if you don’t feel like cleaning out your fireplace you can install a little decorative door or slider to block it off from view. You can even store things in here – use bags and boxes if you are not going to clean it out – and it is all out of sight.

7. A faux fire

Do you miss using your fireplace? You can buy small faux fireplaces – typically electric – that fit right in to fireplace spaces and give off a nice toasty warmth. Most even have small screens which display flames so you can pretend it’s the real thing. Voila – a fireplace without having the mess!

What have you done?

Do you have a non-working fireplace? Have you transformed it into anything? Let us know what you did in the comments.

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