7 Valentine’s Day Style Color Schemes: Think Beyond Pink

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valentine's color schemes

Choosing romantic colors and color combinations beyond red and pink can open up a world of interior design possibilities. Here are some Valentine’s color schemes to consider.


Pink is a great color, but there are other ways to ignite that loving feeling on Valentine’s Day. Take a look at these eight color combinations that evoke passion, lust, comfort, and plain old love. Pick a new color combination to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Lavender and Soft Yellow

valentine's color schemes

One of the reasons pink became so popular on Valentine’s Day is because of how many flowers you can find in that color. However, purple and yellow are just as common when it comes to flowers. So, this Valentine’s Day, find a bouquet of flowers in lavender and soft yellow for your sweetheart.

2. Black and White with a Pop of Color

If you want to evoke some nostalgia, black and white is a great color scheme for Valentine’s Day. It’s even better if you add a pop of color in a small way to make something stand out. For instance, wear a black skirt, a black and white polka dot blouse, and then bright yellow shoes. You can also bring in the pop of color in your hair accessories, purse, or scarf. Black and white with a pop of color is also a fun photography trick.

3. Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue, and Crystal

valentine's color schemes

Creating a tone of luxury is important on Valentine’s Day because you’re supposed to make your partner feel special by doing something out of the ordinary. Choosing vibrant colors found in gemstones is an excellent way to do this. Create a table setting or backdrop in emerald-green, sapphire blue, and other colors that sparkle to make the evening seem more expensive.

4. Royal Blue and Royal Purple

Along the lines of luxury, royal blue and royal purple achieve the same tone. Hundreds of years ago when kings and queens ruled countries, they each had a crest and a family color. Royal blue and royal purple were very common. Of course, there were also plaids and other colors to symbolize royalty. If you know the genealogy of your partner, choose his or her family’s color to show you care.

5. All Shades of Purple

valentine's color schemes

People love pink for Valentine’s Day because it is feminine, delicate, and pretty, but the same can be said about purple. Haven’t you ever heard pink is for girls and purple is for women? This year, choose a spread of purples to add a feminine touch to your Valentine’s Day.

5. Tangerine, Cranberry, and Grape

According to Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman, tangerine, cranberry, grape, and other juicy colors stimulate appetites and put people in “high arousal mode.” That’s why they are a great color combination for Valentine’s Day. They create the mood for passion and romance.

6. Pastels

valentine's color schemes

If you’d rather have a more relaxing and comfortable Valentine’s Day, choose pastels as your color scheme. Vibrant colors make everything seem fast paced, but soft colors have the opposite effect. Choose a pastel blue blanket and cozy up on the couch to watch a movie this Valentine’s Day.

7. Burnt Orange, Forest Green, and Subdued Yellow

Red and pink were not always the colors of choice for Valentine’s Day. Back in the 1960s, people turned to the colors of nature. Colors like burnt orange, forest green, and subdued yellow made people feel comfortable. Take a step back in time with this fun Valentine’s Day color combination.

Pink Is OK Too!

Valentine's color schemes
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Remember, it’s OK to use pinkin your Valentine’s color schemes, but it’s not the only choice you have on Valentine’s Day – or for any interior design project where romance is a theme to serve you at any day of the year. As a matter of fact, your partner will love that you put a little more effort into making the day fantastic by doing something different.

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