7 Vertical Gardens From Around The World

As things here in many locales of North America are beginning to retire for the winter, and as foliage around many of us is turning to gold, and to fiery orange and red, I thought I’d add a bit of green to the proceedings.

More to the point, I thought I’d scour the Internet and find some of the most impressive vertical gardens in the world. Vertical gardens, or living walls,  have been looked upon as a means to add greenery to urban locations, as well as to model future sustainability where natural insulation, and rainwater management is concerned.

Vertical gardens are often found in the form of green walls for existing office buildings and residential spaces, both interior as well as exterior. Here is a collection of many kinds of vertical gardens, either existing or envisioned as existing, to be found around the world.

1. Mexico City

Vertical garden mexico city

Vertical Garden, Mexico City (photo: SanGatiche) that depicts Quetzalcóatl’s head and body. Quetzalcóatl is a Mesoamerican deity and symbol for fertility.

2. Pittsburgh, PA.

Even in an eastern seaboard winter, the vertical garden adds natural green to an urban space. (photo:daveynin)

3.  London

Vertical Garden New Street London

In New Street, Metropolitan London, the vertical garden gives the urban eye something to break up the monotony of grey buildings, as well as improve air quality. (Photo: Mira66))

4. Madrid

Vertical Garden, Caxia Forum, Madrid

Vertical gardens can be incorporated into an existing facade. This one was designed by botanist Patrick Blanc, a pioneer in vertical gardens.  This green wall is one of many at the Caixa Forum in Madrid. (photo: Lauren Manning)

5. Paris

Vertical garden, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

Some green walls and vertical gardens are incorporated into the Musee De Quai Branly building in Paris, a museum that is known for Indigenous Peoples’ art (photo: Lauren Manning)

6. Vancouver, British Columbia

a wall of the Sylvia Hotel, overgrown with green life.

The Syvia Hotel here in Vancouver, BC.  In a rainy city such as this, vertical gardens, much like green roofs, allow for better rainwater retention. (photo: D’Arcy Norman)

7. Kennett Square, PA

Vertical Garden Longwood Gardens

The green wall at Longwood Gardens is the largest interior green wall in North America, at 4,072 square feet  (Photo: musical photo man)

For more information about vertical gardens and green wall design, have a look at this video interview with noted green wall designer Patrick Blanc .

Along with understanding the artistry behind gardens like this, Patrick Blanc also has a number of insights on the science of vertical gardening as well.




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