7 Ways To Decorate Blank Walls Beyond Wall Art And Mirrors

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Blank walls have home décor potential beyond the usual. Here are 7 ways to add a spark of genius to your blank walls with having to hang a single frame.


Like a blank page to a writer or a blank canvas to a painter, a blank wall in a home represents a challenge for any interior decorator. How you tackle it depends on your budget, talents, and the overall look you want for your home. But maybe the standard pictures in a frame, or mirrors aren’t what you’re looking for.

Here are just a few options beyond that to inspire a worthwhile use of that blank space.

1. Painted murals or designs

When you’re looking to go past the standard painting in the frame, why not skip the frame completely? Paint a design or a pattern directly on the wall to get that artistic flair that catches the eye. You can paint asymmetrical colored blocks, wide horizontal stripes, or accents similar to wall decals.

You can even use stencils or paint a freestyle mural to make a wall really stand out. Turn your wall into a canvass! And let your imagination take flight.

2. Wallpaper or decals

Don’t underestimate a good wallpaper. Whether you’re looking for a bold design for an accent wall or something more subtle for an entire room, wallpaper can bring a unique look to an otherwise boring wall.

Wall coverings that adhere to a substrate like wallpaper does are also great for covering up blemishes in walls that paint can’t hide. The same goes for decals, if you’re looking for something a little less permanent. Choose a theme and follow your creative instincts.

3. Shelving and storage

For storage, decoration, and display, shelves are the ultimate use for empty wall space. If you still want to have other furniture against the base of a wall, you can use floating shelves on the upper three-quarters to display books, knickknacks, and artwork that can’t hang on its own.

4. Quotations

Choose a quote from your favorite author or poet. Choose lyrics to a song that resonates with you. Choose a family in-joke, a catchphrase, or a funny quote from a family member to personalize that blank wall. Along with the personal meaning of quotes, the shape of letters adds the same kinds of visual interest as any picture in a frame. Embrace the beauty of lettering and words.

5. Patterned walls

Materials commonly used for flooring and other surfaces can also make for a creative wall design. Luckily thanks to high definition printing, many of these products are are also light weight as well as providing convincing, and non-repeating patterns.

sonoma oak wall panelling

“Sonoma Oak” wall panelling from BuildDirect, made with HDF and melamine provides a stylish look and a lightweight solution to convincing wood grain patterns that add subtle interest to otherwise blank walls.

Wood grain patterning, stone patterns bring warmth to an accent wall. Upholstered walls in bedrooms feel stylish and cozy. White tiles make a wall look clean and shiny and the grout provides contrast to keep the wall from feeling blank.

6. Light Fixtures

Having a creative light fixture on the wall is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. A pair of sconces above a bed or couch is all you need to literally light up a dull wall. The sconces add visual interest. So does the light they provide, creating subtle contrast between light and dark at different times during the day and night.

7. Hang jewelry, hats, scarves, or coats

Your clothes decorate you; why not let them decorate your home, too? Placing hooks on a wall for hats and coats is a creative way to use entryway walls and keeps them looking different every day. Combining hooks with a painted design like a tree gives you a logical and cute place to hang jewelry.

Put your personal spin on it

These are only a few of the many ways you can make a blank wall come to life in your home. Put your own personal spin on these suggestions to turn your blank wall into the pride of your home’s wall collection.


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