7 Ways To Get Kids Involved In The Design Process

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Home design and kids can go together, especially when the design is in their own home. Here are ways to involve them in the process of renovation.


Involving your kids in the home design and renovation process can be the difference between a good result and a great one, particularly if they have an eye for colors and shapes as many kids do. There are advantages to having the unique artistic eyes and the imaginations of children. And having extra pairs of hands to help, as children naturally want to do, doesn’t hurt either!

Here are seven ways to create a space together with your children for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, crafting rooms, outdoor spaces, or any place where you spend quality time with the kids.

1. Invite them to create art

The personal touch adds heart and soul to your spaces. Purchase high-quality paper and other art supplies, then ask your kids to contribute paintings or drawings for your home’s walls. Put them in frames. Change out the art as your kids grow up so the décor evolves along with them.

And for more permanent solutions, you can allow the kids to create murals for walls, or convert their favourite images into decals. Photos from your budding shutterbugs are great for this too. The idea here is to allow your kids to imprint their personalities to a space where they will be spending time. This is what reminds them that your home is their home, too.

little girl painting a blue wall2. Invite them to share their thoughts on colors and textures

Having trouble choosing a paint color for the hall bathroom or a tile backsplash color combination for the kitchen? Maybe you’re conflicted about the upholstery fabric for your living room furniture.

Kids are great lateral thinkers. Go over samples with them and ask why they like the choices they make. The spark of inspiration can be found in those kinds of conversations. While you are the creative lead when it comes to these kinds of decisions, taking their opinions into account can help to refine your vision for an interior design plan. It also gives them a sense of having contributed to something important to all of your lives at home.

3. Look through catalogs together

Kids love vibrant images and a range of options from which they can choose. Who doesn’t? So sit down as a family (or leave them on their own) to look through home décor, design, and remodelling catalogs.

Invite them to earmark pages that appeal to them, then discuss their preferences. Kids also like to have their opinions valued. No one really grows out of that, right?

4. Ask them to read directions

If you’ve ever tried to turn an allen key, hold two pieces of furniture together, and read an instruction booklet all at the same time, you know the value of an extra pair of hands, however small.

For children old enough to read, ask them to help you by reading directions, whether you’re putting together furniture or tiling a wall. Even for those who don’t read yet, holding an iPad or smartphone in place so that you can watch an online instructional video for a how-to project more easily can be just as valuable. It leaves your hands free for the heavy lifting. And it satisfies a child’s innate desire to help.

5. Allow them to paint

Older kids can wield a paintbrush with the best of them. Show them the proper techniques, then check in on them from time to time to make sure they’re applying even coats. You might need to do the final coat to ensure smoothness, but this task makes kids feel valued and useful.

6. Create little go-fors

Young kids love to retrieve items for their parents. Ask them to grab a tool or other item when you need it most. Brief them on those tools that are sharp or dangerous to keep them safe. Explain the process to them and what each tool or item you ask them to get for you does to contribute to the project. This is a chance to create opportunities for learning.

father and son laying tile flooring

7. Involve them in landscaping design, too

If your design project involves the great outdoors, use gardening and landscaping as an opportunity to teach the little ones about plants and how to care for them. A big part of this is choosing plants for landscaping, and choosing bulbs for colorful flowers. Trips to the nursery can be fun and educational for everyone when seeking the right plants for your climate and outdoor living space.

Again, you are the visionary on these kinds of projects, informed by expert advice. But involvement in the plan for an outdoor living space puts your children in touch with how your home is integrated with nature. This will have some impact on your landscape design. But, it will have an impact on your kids as well, connecting with the beauty and diversity of nature.

Quality time transforming spaces together

Home design projects can be time consuming and stressful, too. This can be particularly true when you have kids.  But, since kids want to help, and want to have their opinions and skills valued by you, involving them in home design projects is a way to let them know that their home is their own.

Creating a new vision for spaces is a great way to keep children engaged. And it’s another opportunity to create a sense of accomplishment and great childhood memories, too. These are dividends that can last a lifetime.

Your experiences

What kinds of home design and renovation projects have you tackled as a family?

Which tasks did your kids take to the most?

What were some of the results of which you are the most proud?

Tell us all about it in the comments section.




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