7 Winter Zen Color Schemes That Beat The Winter Blues

Winter Window frost patterns

For color schemes designed for being at one with wintertime, here are seven of them to consider that will surely help to banish the winter blues.


With winter comes glistening snow, holidays, family, joy, and laughter. These are positive aspects of winter, a season that’s sometimes known to be gloomy.

This winter, we urge you to become one in a zen style with this cozy side of the season through finding the harmonizing beauty that makes this sparkling wonderland of winter breathtakingly beautiful. Here are seven interior color schemes that can help create zen inside all winter, and help you crush the winter blues too.

1. Amethyst and Aero

Together, these purple and blue tones form a fresh, modern, and “cool” feel while creating a comfortable room that is made for relaxation. With the masculine edge of the aero blue hue and the amethyst purple’s feminine touch, the room style and decor fits just about any person’s style and taste.

2. Popcorn and Charcoal

These trendy colors paired together make for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. The rich, dark yellow and the muted gray creates a unique yet perfect contrast, making you feel as if winter and summer have come together in harmony. These work great for a bedroom or a room for relaxing, such as a reading nook.

3. Moss and Winter White

The gorgeous combination of moss green and winter white creates a fresh and calming feel with a sleek look. This color scheme is perfect for a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and even a den. Just image walking into a warm, cozy room that combines the best of winter through the touches of green and the crispness of the white.

4. Silver and Haze

You can make your home into a sparkling, winter wonderland by enhancing nooks and crannies with silver and haze accents. Winter in looks but cozy in feel, these two complementary colors will help to make any room feel warm.

5. Teal and Rust

This surprising duo of colors, whether it is a family room or den, will embrace your family and guests. Creating a fashion-forward look, this is a beautiful way to enhance the winter season while creating a space with unsurpassed style and flair.

6. Navy and Bubblegum

The cool hues of navy blue combined with the vibrance of pink bubblegum will enhance any kitchen, casual dining area, or living space in a sophisticated way. The navy creates a winter foundation while the few accents of pink ties it all together in a personalized, styled look.

7. Black and White

A classic color scheme, black and white will never do you wrong. The contrasting nature of these two hues help to enliven and revitalize any space. For a guest bathroom, patterned wallpaper in a wintery scene helps embrace the season in a stylish way. Another way to refresh with this color scheme is to add a pop of pine, raspberry, or gold—all colors that evoke the holiday season.

These wintry color combinations, inspired by the intrinsic beauty of winter, all share a classic and cozy yet sophisticated look. Whether you choose the crisp look of neutral colors or one that embraces the warmth of winter, these ideas will help to transform your space into one that warmly welcomes winter.


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