Finding the path to buying green flooring

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Hi Good People – Rob here.

Yesterday, I kind of alluded to the reticence of a lot of consumers when it comes to buying green building materials like bamboo flooring for their renovations. So as not to make anyone think that I’m trying to paint a portrait of unthinking, unfeeling consumers out there, I thought I’d share a few more thoughts about the issues, and of course another article about buying green building materials.

One thing which this article, as featured in Kitchen & Bath Design News, brings out is the idea that buying green really can be a bit of a maze to get one’s way through. Even in my article about greenwashing, I pointed out that there are many false trails to go down when you’re looking to buy flooring, bamboo floors or otherwise. There is so much information out there, some of which is contradictory and even biased, that makes researching green building products like bamboo flooring a big challenge.

Path through bamboo forestBut, there are consulting firms out there that are trying to make this easier for the consumer who’s looking to make smart buying choices. The article talks with Alison Shoemaker who operates such a consulting firm, Alison Designs in the Marina Del Ray CA area, who reinforces the idea that buying green doesn’t necessarily mean spending more, or getting inferior performance from your flooring, or other building materials.

As it has been proven (and talked about at length here on this very blog…), bamboo flooring is a hardy, long-lasting, and attractive flooring choice, for instance. It proves that green does not mean wimpy. And the demand for it is rising because more and more people are finding out about it – and so it’s no more expensive than many types of domestic hardwoods as a result. This is what it’s all about when looking to by green: gaining an education in what’s really out there, which is where Alison (and other firms like hers) come in to get that process of consumer education going before a project commences.

When it comes to buying green flooring, it’s still your project, even if you’ve also hired a consultant to help guide your choices. It pays to ask the right questions of those sellers you’re thinking of buying from, even if you’ve decided on the type of green flooring to buy. Maybe self-education when it comes to buying green flooring isn’t a new idea to most seasoned consumers. Yet, with all of the eco-friendly bandwagon jumping, it becomes a big priority if you’re looking to buy with the issues in mind.



Path through the bamboo forest (kind of a metaphor for making your way through buying green building materials, I thought …) courtesy of Augapfel.

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