8 Bathrooms That Look Like A Spa

As we’ve communicated in a number of ways here, the bathroom is an important room in the house. This is beyond the obvious, of course! What it can represent for many is a place of solitude and maybe some personal reflection in a busy life, which can mean different things to different people.

But, one popular approach is to recreate a spa atmosphere in a bathroom space. Guesting today is Suzi from Arcadian Home  who has collected and commented on some great examples taken from their sister site Design Shuffle. com of how this kind of approach has been interpreted … 


Who doesn’t love to be pampered and feel like they’re at a spa getaway? Here are eight beautiful bathrooms that feel like spa getaways to inspire you. Enjoy!

Spa Bathroom

Wooden materials give this bathroom a modern ambiance likened to a high-end sauna and spa. Rich dark woods and soft towels add to the luxurious experience.

Spa Bathroom Lights

A separate etched glass door is the ultimate in a spa bathroom. Let a fragrant soak revitalize your mind and soul in this tranquil pastel bath.

Spa Bathroom Lights

Natural materials like stone are perfect for a spa bathroom. Stone walls, wooden cupboards, carefully chosen bathroom light fixtures and neutral colors are gorgeous in this spa-like space.

Spa Bathroom Under Cabinet Lighting

Large windows allow cheerful sunlight to stream through this Tuscan-inspired spa bedroom nestled in the Hollywood Hills. Overhead beams and a black and white contrast add a Mediterranean feeling to the space.

Spa Bathroom

A walk-through shower and a deep soaking tub are definitely spa-like in this large master bathroom. Beaded wallpaper gives this room a stylish texture.

Spa Bathroom Wall Sconces

Plenty of space in a very large bathroom will give it a spa feeling. I love the marble flooring, wooden cabinets, and wall decor accessories!

Spa Bathroom

Simple materials keep this spa bathroom feeling very Zen and calming. A soaking bath, along with bamboo and porcelain details, give the bathroom an Asian-inspired style.

Spa Bathroom Wall Sconce

Add spa luxuries to your bathroom for a spa experience. Luxurious towels, rugs, and bath decor can turn any bathroom into a spa getaway.

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Bathrooms never looked so good before!


Thanks, Suzi! If you liked this post and are craving more inspiration for your home, there’s more to see and read about at Arcadian Home Blog.




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