8 Christmas Door Decorations to Try: Knock Knock!

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How can Christmas door decorations reflect your personality and represent your own holiday joy? Here are eight ideas that will inspire.


Door wreaths are a part of many holiday Christmas decoration traditions. While Christmas wreaths may represent an unending circle of eternal life for some of us, the use of tree boughs on doorways was originally grounded in pagan traditions celebrating the life of the evergreen when all other trees were bare during the winter solstice.

In Northern Europe, candles were also used to light doorsteps during the darkest days of the year, often bound up in sconces made of beautiful winter berries. Today, modern wreaths continue adorn our front entrances at this most festive time of year, where tradition and personality mingle in welcoming our guests.

How can a front door decoration reflect your personality and represent your own holiday joy? Here are eight ideas that will inspire.

8 Christmas Door Decorations

1. Starry night

Instead of a round wreath for traditional Christmas door decorations, create a star-shaped collection of boughs instead. You can easily find a styrofoam or wooden star at a craft store, or try floral foam if you can locate it. Collect boughs, berries, and leaves, and bind them to the star using floral wire.

Christmas door decorations

2. Pumpkin spice wreath

A bough wreath can become even more welcoming when it smells like Christmas. Use floral wire or hot glue to secure cinnamon sticks and nutmeg to your wreath, or try rosemary, juniper, or bay leaves to bring forth the comforting scent of homemade soup or roasted turkey.

3. Santa’s sleigh

There’s nothing like jingle bells to make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. For a wreath that will last for years, secure jingle bells of different sizes to a metal wreath frame. Try a square frame filled with bells, with a single bell suspended in the center by a beautiful ribbon

4. Ship ahoy

Ship rope can make a beautiful woven wreath for holiday door decorations, if you can take the time to learn a few knots, and it stands up under all outdoor winter conditions. Pull strands of red and green ribbon through the rope to make it wonderfully festive. Just make sure you don’t buy rope that has been soaked in creosote (which is common to some widths of ship rope) to try out this craft.

5. Toys galore

To delight children every time they come through your door, create a wreath using colorful recycled toys. Find toys that fit a theme (primary colors, science fiction and fantasy, or even Lego) and get out that glue gun. Mount the toys on a more substantial wire or wooden frame for security, and overlap them in a fun and overfilled for the best effect.

6. Candy is handy

While this won’t be a great choice to mount on your door for several weeks during the holidays, it can be a wonderful way to welcome people into your home on the big day. Find small paper or fabric bags and fill them with small treats.

Choose a wire frame, and tie each bag to the frame with a brightly colored ribbon. Hang a small sign in the middle of the frame encouraging your guests to take a bag on the way in or out of your home.

7. Christmas ball wreath

If there’s one thing that I always seem to have a lot of, it’s extra tree decorations. You can also find glass balls from Christmases past at consignment and thrift stores for next to nothing. Using a wooden frame and your handy glue gun, layer the balls on the frame with the largest ones at the bottom, the smallest ones adorning the top. Or create a different effect combining extra tree decorations with your favorite tree boughs.

Christmas door decorations

8. Berry good

There’s nothing I love more than a cranberry wreath. They look wonderful and bright on any door, and are especially festive. String cranberries using needle and thread, and using the frame of your choice, make them into any shape you want, wrapping the thread back and forth as needed.

Christmas door decorations

Your imagination is the only rule

Whatever wreath you try to create, remember that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. The joy in having a wreath on your door is to welcome your friends and family to your home, and so the goal is to delight them.

Make your Christmas door decorations reflective of your personality, or of the surprises that await by the hearth. No matter what, putting a personal touch on the entrance to your home will make your holiday spectacular.

For more ideas on wreaths in particular, check out this story that will inspire you to decorate your door beyond the traditional.

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