8 DIY Repairs Every Adult Should Be Able To Do Themselves

DIYer ladder tool box

Do you have a home repair to-do list the length of an epic poem? Is your local repair person programmed in your iPhone Favorites? You don’t have to suck up to that “odd-job Joe” in your life. Instead,  you can build a tool box  and a skill set of your own. If you’re a grown up who wants to take charge in the face of limited resources, and limited time too, it’s time to add a few skills to your DIY arsenal and get your life back!

Here are a big 8 basic household repairs that every able-bodied adult should know how to do themselves.

1. How to change a blown fuse

Power is … er power. That is, if a fuse blows for whatever reason, it can seriously interrupt the, um, flow.  And being able to change a fuse can be pretty empowering when you don’t have to rely on (or pay!) someone else to do it. So take a look at this video that shows you how easy and how safe it is to find and change a blown fuse by yourself. No worries!

2. How to unclog a toilet

Maybe you’re thinking this one is obvious: go straight for the plunger; however, if you’ve ever tried to unclog a toilet that’s full, then you probably now pretend you no longer know how to. But, since plumbers can be pricey, take a look at this video that shows you how easy it is, even though (yuck!) it’s not much fun. I promise you, there is nothing exceedingly gross in this video!

3. How to unjam a garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is designed for you to dump all kinds of things into it, within reason of course. But, it’s not like you’re dropping your food waste into a black hole. Sometimes, it gets clogged. So, how do you unjam it yourself? Well, lookee here …

4. How to remove a light fixture to change a bulb

Light fixtures are important because no one likes a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling. But, when that bulb burns out, the light fixture can be a barrier to simply changing that burned out bulb. It’s a pretty minor problem. But, it’s kind of a pain. Here’s how to remove the fixture, replace the bulb, and then replace the fixture too as if nothing ever happened!

5. How to unstick a window

A while back we posted on DIY jobs using everyday household items. As it turns out, many of these are also common repairs, including unsticking a stiff window. You don’t want to have to wait for someone to save you when it comes to the simple act of opening a window, right? So, take a look at this brief segment on how to take charge yourself.

6. How to remove a kitchen sink P-Trap (and get your ring!)

Picture the scene; you’re doing the dishes, or your peeling a piece of fruit at the kitchen sink. You set your ring on the edge, and what do you think happens? It tumbles into the sink and down the drain. But, don’t panic! Just stop running the water. Your ring  isn’t gone. It’s just sitting at the bottom of your P-trap. What the heck is a p-trap? Well, watch this.

7. How to replace a door lock

If you’re looking to save money getting the locks changed for whatever reason, this is not necessarily the sole province of a locksmith. You can do it yourself, with the help of your local hardware store, and this video. Take a look!

8. How to patch a small hole in the wall

So you took a right instead of a left while moving the couch. Or maybe you removed a towel rack and left a blemish in the drywall. Minor wall holes happen. However, there’s no need to call in the fix, or think of excuses to tell your landlord/spouse/Mom. For small holes, you can take care of it yourself. Look!

What have we missed?

What do you consider to be the most handy set of skills around the house? Which simple jobs do you think everyone should know how to do? What simple job do you think you need to know how to do and don’t yet?

Share your stories in the comments below.

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