8 Easy & Crafty DIY Decorations For The Holidays

paper decorations

(image: mazaletel)

From holiday gifts to parties to new outfits, this “most wonderful time of the year” can impact your pocketbook. Don’t worry my friends, save on holiday decorations this year with these inexpensive, yet chic DIY projects that will last for years to come.

Feather Tree

Instead of a traditional pine Christmas tree, opt for a feather tree. Using one ¾” by 36″ dowel rod, six ¼” by 36″ dowel rods, a hand saw, drill, wood bun (used for the base), paint, 12″ marabou feather boa in any color you want, plus any extras such as ornaments, birds, angels, etc, you can easily create a glamorous tree. This modern-day tree is shorter than average, so place it anywhere in your home.

Colorful paper ornaments

In need of new ornaments? Look no farther than your colorful paper collection. Using different border punches, punch out patterns in different lengths and staple together the ends so they buckle like ornaments. Create different shapes while stapling the ends together. These ornaments will look especially cute on your Christmas tree but can also dangle from a chandelier or be placed in a garland.

paper ornaments

(image: Larissa Holland)


While garlands can be made of paper links, popcorn and cranberries or pom-poms, you can get creative with the design. Using old red socks, ribbon, bells, buttons, and old Christmas toys, create a unique garland to be placed on your mantle, desk, or even foot of the bed.

Candle holders

While you may already have candle holders, you can never have too many as they create the perfect Christmas ambiance. Try using mason jars filled with votive candles, fake berries and spruce wrapped with a burlap bow. Place them on your mantle, table, or even in your kitchen and light them when it gets dark.

Bow wreath

This simple, DIY wreath puts a festive flair on traditional pine wreaths. Hot glue multi-colored bows to a Styrofoam wreath to complete this look. Due to the delicate nature of the ribbons, this wreath is best placed inside on doors, walls, or above your mantle.

bow garland

(image: Kat Barnes)

Advent calendar

An essential for the enviable Christmas countdown, this year make a life-sized version. Whether you use paper bags or envelopes, tape them in a Christmas tree shape to any wall that you desire. Fill each with candy with an inspirational message or small presents and remember to label them with numbers.

Present pillows

Everyone likes presents! And with these present pillows, you can create the look of even more presents. Simply take your existing pillows, wrap 3″ or thicker ribbon around all four sides and tape a bow in the center and place them where they normally go.

Glittery pinecones

glittery pine cones

(image: Sara)

Pinecones are another must-have holiday decoration. Dipping pinecones (all the way or half way) in gold paint or spray painting them in glitter creates a great festive look. Once they are dry, place them on side tables, in bowls, or on wreaths.

These beautiful, simple, and affordable DIY decorations will not only get you into the holiday spirit but they will showcase your festive flair.



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