8 Fresh Fun Ideas To Add Pizzaz To Your Walls

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Tired of staring at bare, boring walls but want something different than paint? Here are a few fantastic easy wall covering ideas to try now.


Do you have a blah looking wall in your home? Your first instinct may be to paint – but maybe you hate to paint, are a renter, don’t want anything permanent, or are just looking for a fresh new idea. Here are a few fun, easy ways to spruce up your walls.

1. Wall decals

You can find these in pretty much any design possible – a lot of companies will even custom make decals out of pictures or ideas you send. Trees, flowers, shapes, stripes, leaves, letters – the possibilities are endless.

These decals can be as elegant or as funky as you want. Place designs all over your wall for a graffiti type look, or just use them as simple accents on a wall that is otherwise a bit boring. Some people use them as borders around the edges of the walls and doors as well.

Decals are super easy to put up – they just stick to your wall! You have to be careful about where you place them as they do adhere to the wall fairly well. If you get tired of the design it’s not too much work to peel it back off though – and they won’t ruin the paint below.

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2. Temporary Wallpaper

After a few decades of being out of style, wallpaper is making a huge comeback! Although wallpaper of today is much better to work with and apply to walls, you may not be ready to make the commitment to permanently applying it – enter temporary wallpaper!

This is exactly what the name implies – wallpaper that looks just like wallpaper but is only temporary. It does have an adhesive backing – which is what makes it stick to the wall, but it’s not glue or the old school ‘paste’ that people used to find so hard to apply.

There is also a form of this available called Peelable wallpaper which you apply as temporary wallpaper, then peel off strips and chunks to make your own designs.

3. Curtains

Curtains are of course meant to cover windows for privacy and darkness, but they add a touch of class to your room. There’s nothing that says you can’t install a curtain rod across any bare wall and hang curtains.

4. Artwork

Nothing spruces up a bare wall better than artwork. A framed antique painting or even pictures your kids drew add enough flare to brighten up any wall.

5. Sticky Tiles

Much like the temporary wallpaper above, you can have the look of tile without the commitment or messy application! These typically come as peel and stick and work well to make a design on any wall, but work especially well in the bathroom or kitchen.

6. Fabric

Fabric is fabulous to use as a wall covering! You can cover a board, as you would if making a headboard, and hang it or place it against the wall. Or you can actually put the fabric directly on the wall like wallpaper. Adhesive strips or special tacks can be used around the borders to keep the fabric ‘wallpaper’ in place.

tapestry wall hanging

(image: Martin Vernon)

7. Create an accessory wall

This will solve some of your organizational problems while helping your bare wall issue! Simply install a few hooks or a bar – similar to a curtain rod – and use them to hang jackets or fancy clothing, hats or anything else you want. I personally have a wall of hanging scarves in the bedroom, with the colors ranging from darkest to lightest.

8. Shelves

Put up a few shelves to showcase anything from elegant art to books you love. Place only a few shelves at intervals for a funky display look, or line your wall with shelves for a more practical storage area.

How have you solved your bare wall dilemmas? Let us know in the comments.

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