8 Housewarming Gift Ideas To Make Their Place Beautiful

housewarming guests

These 8 housewarming gifts to new neighbors, friends, or family are a great way to say hello and add design accents to their home decor at the same time.


So you have new neighbors, and they have just settled in. Now is the time to introduce yourself with a nice bottle of wine or a homemade treat, right? Though the wine and pie makes a great housewarming gift, give them something that will add to their home decor and give them a reason to smile every time they see you.

Though choosing home decor for someone you have never met can be tricky, there are a few sure-fire options that will never go out of style.

1. An exceptionally gorgeous frame

No, you don’t know what the inside of their home looks like or what kind of decor they prefer, but there are a few things that simply can’t be wrong. A simple heavy, silver frame is the cat’s meow when it comes to showcasing a very important photograph.

Look for a frame that fits the typical sizes, such as 8×10 or 5×7, and has few accents — you want something as simple and as elegant as possible.

2. An Inspirational wall hanging

Some things are universal, and inspirational quotes are one of them. From a simple quote to something much more substantial, these can be found on canvas wall hangings, wooden wall hangings, and the like.

You can even make your own through numerous online shops. Just be sure not to choose a quote with a religious slant. You have no idea if your new neighbors are believers or not!

3. A beautiful pitcher

A lovely silver pitcher will get a great deal of use and will almost always match any type of decor. Go with something that has an elegant shape, fits well into the hand and holds at least a quart of liquid.

If you happen to know the last name of your new neighbors, you can even have their initial etched into the pitcher for a more personalized gift.

4. A Bundle of Board Games

Choose a few classic board games, such as Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble, then add in something unexpected, such as the popular “Opoly” games: These are versions of Monopoly that are dedicated to a local area or region. Look for them at specialty stores in your town, or order them online. It’s a great way for your neighbors to get to know the area from the comfort of the living room sofa!

5. A Fancy Clock

If there is any home decor that can find a place, it’s a clock. Choose an elegant stand-alone clock (one that does not need to be hung up on the wall), and choose a color that seems to match everything, such as a comfortable grey or a dark red. Something that is the size of a picture frame is perfect for setting on a desk, adorning the guest room, or even being enjoyed in the kitchen.

6. Napkins and Napkin Rings

Speaking of the kitchen, everyone can always make good use of extra cotton napkins, especially if they have whimsical or classic designs. To make the gift more special, indulge your new neighbors with some napkin rings that match the napkins. Make sure to provide a generous amount — they might have many kids, or at the very least, many friends to invite over to dinner!

7. An Interesting Wine Holder

If you do take over that bottle of wine, give them something interesting to display it in for a while before drinking. A fun wine holder that stands up on its own and appears to defy gravity is a great option.

You can also look for those that depict classic scenes, such as wine holders that look like old bicycles, cars or even birds. Speaking of birds, you can also gift them with a ‘cork cage’ to keep up track of all those bottles they will enjoy over the years.

8. A Large Serving Tray

Give the gift of food, in the form of a basket filled with delicious nibbles, such as crackers, cheese cuts, a few generous sprigs of grapes and of course, a bottle of wine. The food will be gone soon, but when you pair all of that with a nice serving tray, you ensure that they have something to use in the years to come.

Just like the picture frame, the serving tray should be simple, heavy and in a color that is universally accepted, such as white or black.

The good news about housewarming gifts

The good news about all of these options is that you can gift your neighbors for well under $100, but the gift is going to be quite nice indeed. Deliver it in person, along with a card containing your phone numbers (in case of emergency) and a welcoming smile.

What gifts have you given that have been received well in the home of a neighbor, friend, or family member? What housewarming gifts have you received that are the most precious to you, and/or the most useful?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.

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