8 Plants That Thrive in Sunrooms

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Looking to populate your sunroom with thriving plants? Why not try the following 8 species that add natural beauty, and better air quality, to your space?


If you’re lucky enough to have a sunroom, no doubt you’ll want to fill it with plants that thrive in this wonderful environment. Consider the following list when deciding on what plants you need to add to your sunroom to make best use of the space.

The Best Plants for Sunrooms

1. Hibiscus

These gorgeous flowers come in all sorts of vibrant colors, so they add something special to your indoor living space like few others can. They’re also perfectly happy growing in containers, preferring a tight fit and easy drainage.

2. Orchids

These beauties aren’t as difficult to care for as you may think. They’re the perfect indoor flower when they have plenty of sunlight and humidity, so as long as you’re watering them properly, they’ll do well in a sunroom.

3. Passion Flower

This tropical species doesn’t survive the winter in most American gardens, but they do just fine in a sunroom as long as they’re potted in oversized pots. They also have a heady, pleasant fragrance that indoor gardeners love having in their homes, so choose Passion Flower if you’re hoping to add a nice fragrance to your indoor space.

4. Boston Ferns

Like orchids, Boston Ferns need extra humidity, which can be difficult to achieve in summer months when homes are drier. Remedy this easily enough with spray bottles and by making sure that the fern’s soil is always damp. You’ll have beautiful, green hanging plants all year long!

5. Spider Plants

One of the easiest plants to grow indoors, Spider Plants are hardy and very forgiving. Ensure they have enough drainage and can enjoy indirect light for them to flourish, but avoid overwatering as they are susceptible to root rot. These lovely plants may even sprout flowers or “spider babies” if taken care of properly, which is a great project for indoor gardeners to focus on.

6. Begonias

This favorite annual flower thrives in containers and is low maintenance, making it a perfect candidate for sunrooms. They need light shade, ample water, and proper drainage to flourish throughout their growing season.

7. African Violet

This purple flower is a popular desk plant for good reason – it does best with indirect, indoor light and thrives in pots. African Violets also prefer room temperature, even when it comes to water, otherwise they become chilled and develop leaf spotting. A good rule of thumb for this flower is: if you feel comfortable in your environment, your African Violets are comfortable too.

8. Peace Lily

This wonderful plant is known for its easy care. It’s quite forgiving and will even droop to let you know it needs watering. A tropical plant that’s known for its ability to purify the air by neutralizing toxic gases, the Peace Lily is a perfect addition to your sunroom.

Nature Year Round

Having a nice variety of green plants and colorful flowers in your sunroom ensures that you can enjoy nature year-round, even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Put your heart into your planting and you’ll have a calming retreat that’s as good as any outdoor garden – maybe even better! Be sure to invest in a waterproof flooring for your sunroom because spills are inevitable when plants are involved. We recommend composite hardwood.

Not Just for Sunrooms

These plants aren’t just a great way to bring the beauty of nature into a sunroom. Porches, screened decks, and balconies are ideal places to show off these colorful blooms as well. Consider selecting hanging planters or pots designed to attach to deck railings to showcase these flowers and plants. Simply showcase plants in areas where they receive their desired amount of light and enjoy your transitional garden retreat.

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