8 Scarf Storage Solutions

scarves rolled

Scarves are a necessity in the wintertime and can provide the finishing touch to an outfit any time. Here are a few ways to keep them neat and accessible.


Confession: I have a lot of scarves. More scarves than anyone needs. My boyfriend was getting tired of pulling them out of the couch cushions, finding them in his sock drawer, and in the bed, so he suggested we do something to tidy them up a bit. Here are a few scarf storage options we considered:

1. In Drawers

Scarves are remarkably easy to fold or roll into small balls so tucking them into a drawer is a great solution. You can fit quite a few in even a small area. Drawer organizers are available to separate the scarves if you don’t want to place them all in together. If you don’t like a lot of clutter, this may be a great option for you.

2. In Decorative Boxes

Another great storage solution for those who dislike clutter! You can find these boxes – usually either wooden or a hard plastic or cardboard and available in a variety of colors and designs – at any craft or discount store. These can be tucked onto a shelf out of the way or stacked on your dresser.

3. On Shelves

Scarves can be folded so they lay very flat – then stacked on shelves in the same way you may store your t-shirts. Since scarves are relatively thin quite a few can be stacked in one neat pile.

4. In Closets

Drape a few scarves over each wooden hanger, or invest in some of those small round clips (or use shower rings) that hang from the bottom of hangers to weave your scarves through. You can store quite a few using this method and they’re right in with your clothes so you can easily color match!

5. As a doorway curtain

I saw this done at a friend’s home once. She installed a curtain rod above the entryway closet – which had no door – and hung her scarves one each on those small round clips I mentioned in the last section.

scarves hung on a closet beam


It worked to keep peeping eyes out of her closet yet was easy to sweep the scarves to one side to access it to get her coat and handbag. She was then able to choose a scarf easily to finish off her outfit.

If your scarves are delicate or expensive I wouldn’t recommend this option as they will be handled quite a bit.

6. On a coat rack

Years ago every home had a coat rack in the front entry but you rarely see these anymore. If you are lucky enough to have inherited one, or find one in a vintage store, this would be fabulous for storing your scarves on!

7. In over the door shoe holders

These generally come in plastic or cloth, hang over the back of your door well out of your way, and are great for so many things other than shoes! Even though the cloth ones tend to look a bit nicer the plastic ones make it easier for you to see which is in each pocket.

8. On hooks on the wall

This is the option we ultimately went with. We had a bare wall and created a rainbow of scarves. We got sets of hooks like the ones often seen in entry ways and hung a bunch of them at random intervals – scarf storage AND art!

What have you done to store your own scarves? Am I the only one who owns WAY too many scarves?

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