8 Cool Screened In Porches For Spring and Summer

screened porch

Cool breeze is a precious commodity as things outside begin to warm up this late Spring and early Summer.

One strategy in getting your fair share of it is by the simple and stylish addition of the screened in porch. The reason that many seek to find out how to install a screened in porch is because it solves a few issues when it comes to an outdoor living space.

One big one is gaining that precious breeze that defines late Spring and early Summer seasons without the presence of flying insects. Another is that a screened in porch lends itself to a wider range of design possibilities; reading areas, interior container gardens, outdoor dining spaces, and all-around indoor and outdoor continuity.

To help outline some of the practicalities, and frankly some  eye-popping designs, of screened in porches, here are 8 examples of how a screened in porch can be a defining element to any outdoor living space.


1. Living room/dining room screened in porch


In the 21st century, maximizing space is a prime objective. And here with a screened in porch, a whole new living and dining area is created for cool spring and summer evenings, complete with cool (in every sense of the word) natural stone flooring under foot to match a warm weather friendly place to spend time with friends and family.

2. Small scale screened in porch

The great thing about creating a screened in porch is that it can really be of any size, depending on the activities you’ve got in mind. Here, you can see that this one is of a modest scale. Yet, sitting and reading in this space free from roving mosquitoes, wasps, and other unwelcome winged creatures is cozily achieved, complete with rocking chair!

3. Screened in porch with hammock attachment

Napping culture in North America isn’t as widely embraced as it is in many other parts of the world. But, if you are going to take a nap, maybe after a morning in the garden, then why give up all of that outdoor air while you do it? Here’s an example of a screened in porch with a hammock integrated in a space that allows you to do just that, while also looking great in the space even when it’s not in use.

4. Screened in porch bedroom

To take that napping idea in a screened in porch that much further, here’s an example of a single bed installed in an outdoor living space. In hot weather, it’s easier to get a good night’s sleep when you’re not sweltering. And to create a space for visiting overnight guests in the late Spring and into the Summer, a screened in porch may be the space to do it in.

5. Screened in porch extensions


Traditionally, the screened in porch is a part of the actual porch area of a house. But, there’s no reason that a screened in area has to be a feature of an existing porch or veranda. Here’s a shot of a screened in porch that is more like an extension of a house; a new wing to an existing property.

6. Screened in porch pavilions

In addition, there’s no reason that a screened in porch has to be a porch. In this shot, the screened in area is more like a pavilion, installed on an existing patio area, an area perfect for comfortable and casual outdoor living. For patio living even when it begins to rain, this is a great solution to create some visual variation on a deck or back porch as well as practicality.

7. Rustic screened in porch

rustic porch

Source: bestofdiyideas.com via Naomi Doriott on Pinterest

The idea of screened in porches is often most associated with a more rustic vibe. Here’s an example of that, complete with unfinished floor boards, and wood-grain beams to match the practicalities of a screened in porch with an overall effect of pure down-home comfort.

8. Minimalist modern screened in porch

Yet, who’s to say that the modern, minimalist look can’t also be comfortable when it comes to a screened in porch area? One way to create a space to clear your head is to keep it clear of clutter. That’s what we’re seeing here; a place to unwind, have a casual chat with friends, read, and do whatever with minimal distraction. The cool breeze helps, too.


Screened in porches add all kinds of value when you’re looking to create more space in an existing property. It’s handy to think about the kinds of activities that will go on in these spaces. Kid’s activity areas, solariums, dining areas, secondary living areas, and places to think or read are all popular examples of how screened in porches are used in the modern 21st century home.

Yet one of the main benefits this kind of space creates is that of breeze, and an overall connection with the outdoors that brings a sense of fluidity to a space.

Have you got a screened in area of your own? How do you use it?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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