8 Sensible Closet Storage Solutions To Try Today

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Closet organization can save you time and give you peace of mind. Here are 8 solutions to try in your closets right now to transform your closet storage space.


Closet organization doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t have to mean going to Ikea and splurging on hundreds of dollars’ worth of closet organization hardware. Instead, a few easy ideas will open up extra space in your closet, and will help you keep all your things organized and easy to find. Remove the clutter from your closet and enter summer with wonderfully organized clothes and accessories.

1. Hang your things on a peg board

Peg boards are a practical solution that can be used for all kinds of items. Maybe you associate this more with storing tools on the walls in the garage. But, they work for closets too, not to mention kitchens! A peg board and a bunch of hooks makes an easy, movable area to hang your jewelry, scarves, bags, and other accessories.

2. Install shelf dividers

When it comes to closet storage, not every closet is going to be the same when it comes to the items stored there. Shelf dividers allow you to customize your closet space according to your own needs. If you’ve got long shelves in your closet, get some shelf dividers to keep your folded stacks from falling into one another.

You can buy the variety that easily clip onto the shelves and are adjustable. After all, your closet space is going to change as new things come in and old ones go out. With shelf dividers you can re-adjust, you’ll be ready for the change when the time comes to re-organize.

3. Bend hangers for flip-flops

Flip flops are a staple for easy footwear in the summer months. But, they can create clutter when you’ve got to deal with multiple pairs. With wire clippers and pliers, you can create a flip-flop hanger out of a wire hanger. Just clip the bottom part off of the hanger and bend the two remaining wires into curlicues. With one flip-flop per side, these keep your shoes off the floor and easy to find.

4. Use a hanging shoe rack

Shoes in general are a joy and a curse. We love to love them, but hate to store them. Get a shoe rack that hangs from the inside or outside closet door or from your closet rod. It’s much easier to store shoes this way than trying to keep them somewhere on the floor, even if it’s on a shoe organizer. This way you won’t be tripping over them all the time, and can actually end up with a way of displaying them in a more aesthetically pleasing way, too.

5. Save those soda can tabs

Sometimes, smart closet storage can come down to a little creative hackery. Upcycling items around the house to help you get things done doesn’t hurt, either – like all of those soda tabs just waiting to be used. Stick a soda pop tab over the hooked part of a hanger, then use the other side of the same tab to hang another hanger from the first one. You can double up on space and hang outfits that go together.

6. Organize by color and function

Color is a powerful tool. Use it to your advantage when it comes to closet organization. And thinking about your habits when it comes to your wardrobe can also save time when you’re rushing around in the morning, getting ready for your day.

Keep all your work clothes grouped in one part of the closet and your evening wear in another part, even if that just means it’s hanging on the opposite side of the rod. Then arrange your clothes by color. It’s more pleasing to the eye and it makes things easier on your eye as you scour your closet for the right thing to wear that day. That old question of “what do I have to wear?” takes up a lot of our time. It’s time to take it back!

7. Make your own drawer dividers

Just like we learned with shelf dividers, not every space is created equally. It’s best to try and customize our spaces to suit what’s stored in them. This goes for drawers as well as shelving.

If you want to you can buy drawer dividers, but if you’d rather save money, making them is possible, too. Just get some old boxes (shoe boxes and cereal boxes work nicely) and cut them to the right height. Then wrap them in pretty paper and put them in your drawers. And voila! A stylish and practical way to customize your drawer space.

8. Create labels

This works well for accessories and other smaller items you keep in closets. Use boxes and shelf organizers to store your things in, then make pretty labels out of colored paper and ribbon. This is a great project if you want to get the kids involved! Also of course,  your items will still be easy to find since they’ll be labeled and in their proper places. All you have to do is stick to the system you’ve created for yourself.

Creating time and peace of mind

Once you’ve got some or all of these organizational ideas put in place, finding things more easily can help you to  create time for yourself, particularly in the morning when everyone is most rushed to get out the door. Instead of opening the door and seeing clutter, you’ll find that more coherent closet spaces can create something beyond more time; actual peace of mind during the morning rush.

What closet storage organization strategies have you tried? Which ones changed the game for you?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!


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