8 Spring Fashion Color RangesTo Add To Your Home Decor

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Spring is a great inspiration to transform your home with color even before it arrives! Learn how to decorate using the top fashion colors of Spring 2016.


Spring is coming sooner than you think and I’m sure you are already seeing many of the colors the Pantone Fashion Color Spring Report has chosen as THE colors of Spring 2016 in stores, or on people you know!

Why stop at just wearing these fabulous colors?! Here’s how to use them to give your home a pop of Spring:

1. Serenity Blue (and more)

If you are a fan of blue – you’re in luck! There are 3 blue shades you should be aware of this Spring – Serenity (a sky blue), Limpet Shell (a fresh blue sea), and Snorkel Blue (a not quite so dark navy). Use blues in rooms you want a serene, restful feeling.

All these blue shades would look fantastic as bedspreads, or pillows for beds and chairs. Be brave and paint an accent wall in one of these blue colors to add a lasting calm tone to your room.

blue bedroom bedspread mountain view

2. Green “Flash”

Green Flash is a light grassy shade, which while a flashy fashion choice, can fit in rather nicely in your home. Green is a nature color, which feels fresh and clean.

This would be a fabulous color to add to your kitchen or bathroom; treat yourself to new towels and linens, or even get some grassy plants or potted grass to line your counter tops or windowsills.

modern bathroom green face towel

3. Rose quartz pink

If soft pink colors don’t scream SPRING I don’t know what does! Rose Quartz is a color that feels soft, uplifting and filled with hope.

This pink color can be added pretty much anywhere in your home – in any way. Simply buying some flowers in this beautiful color will make you smile, or you could of course, change your bedding, linens, or hang some curtains in this beautiful shade of pink.

pink flowers in a white vase on a window sill

4. Buttercup yellow

Buttercup is the shiny deeper yellow color that is trending this season. Yellow may be a tough color to wear. But luckily, decorating with it is much easier. Yellow means sunshine, and sunshine means spring so using this color will get you in a spring type mindset.

Yellow may be best used in bathrooms or as pops of color in your living room. Yellow pillows added to a neutral, or dark, couch brighten up your room. Or get a new shower curtain to the bathroom to start off your day on a sunny note.

living room yellow pillows accents candles

5. Fiesta Red

The name really does this shade justice. Fiesta is a slightly yellow based red that will put you in a terrific, jazzed up mood if you wear it or decorate with it!

Reds are powerful and energizing so decorate your home office, or a space you like to create in, with this Fiesta shade.

rustic lived in living room red leather couch wood flooring

6. Peach echo orange

Peach Echo is a beautiful soft orange color that gives off a warm feeling. Oranges have been popular in fashion for a while now, and this particular Peach shade is an easier shade to incorporate into your wardrobe, and your home.

orange pale peach bedroom

Orange can be a difficult color to decorate with but, using this softer peach shade, it can be used almost anywhere in your home. Living rooms would be particularly nice to add this color to as it is so warm and welcoming. Go ahead and reupholster a chair with this shade, or simply just use pillows, a table runner, or even clusters of candles on tables.

7. Lilac gray

Gray may seem a little boring to you when you first think about it; but take a look at Lilac Gray! It’s a beautiful lighter grey lifted with a hint of lilac. Popular on the runways this season, grey is truly a color that goes with anything so this makes it an extremely versatile choice for fashion – in and out of your home.

grey lilac color palette modern living room

This shade of gray is a pretty neutral tone that can be used anywhere in your home. Furniture of all types, curtains, walls, this is a great base color for decorating. Then incorporate in one of the other Spring colors in for your ‘pop’.

8. Iced Coffee Brown

Brown is another color that people think of muddy and difficult to work with; but this season’s brown, Iced Coffee, brings it up a notch to be a lighter, earthier tone.

living room stately brown color palette

As with grey, this is a fantastic neutral base tone you can incorporate anywhere throughout your home, then use other colors to jazz it up a bit.

Your fashionable choices?

Which is your favorite color? I love Rose Quartz this season! Which Spring 2016 color is your favorite? Tell us about your favorite colors this coming season in the comments.

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