8 Steps To A Fun, Memorable New Year’s Party

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Say hello to 2016 with your favorite people! Here’s how to host a New Year’s party people will be talking about until 2017!


It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by already and we are getting ready for 2016! Greeting the New Year surrounded by loved ones is the best way to ring it in – so invite them over and make it a great night!

1. Invite your favorite people

Decide if you are going to make it a family or friend affair – or both! Send out invitations, or at least mention it, a ways in advance as people tend to make New Year’s Eve plans early.

2. Consider making it an ‘Early New Year’s’ Party

We live on the West Coast where we ring in the New Year three hours after the East Coast does. This year we are spending it with a few other families who also have young children, and we are doing an ‘East Coast New Year’ meaning we will celebrate at 9pm instead of midnight – thus able to get the kids home and in bed before they get cranky!

Even those who don’t have kids may not want to make it a late night, or maybe some of the younger relatives want to celebrate with you – then go out with their friends to toast the ‘real’ New Year.

No matter what time zone you are in – you can celebrate early by finding an East Coast broadcast, by simply downloading a fun countdown, or plan your own way to countdown – and do it at any time you want!

3. Let your guests help with the food and drink heavy lifting

There’s no need to serve a formal dinner. Appetizers are fine! To make it even easier on you, ask your guests to bring one each, maybe a new recipe they found in 2015, or something representing a popular food trend from the previous year.

Have some champagne ready for the New Year’s toast, but also make sure you have some non-alcoholic sparkling juice on hand too for your younger guests, or those who don’t want to drink.

4. Decorate your home and yourselves

You don’t need to go all out. Chances are some of your Christmas decorations are still up. But you can find cheap ‘Happy New Year’ signs at discount stores so pick up some of those to add to the room.

It’s also fun to place fun dress up items such as plastic hats, feather boas, and giant sunglasses around the room for guests to put on. Then set up a designated photo area with a fun ‘2016’ backdrop to take some memorable shots.

5. Share your wishes and gratitude

Take some time for each guest to talk about the best thing that happened during 2015, and what they hope for in 2016. This may help people be held accountable for their resolutions if they state them to a group of people!

6. Plan some music and fun games

Play some upbeat music – most music streaming services will offer specific New Year’s playlists that do the work for you. Or spend a few minutes making your own playlist with popular songs from the last year – and other songs that are positive and inspiring.

Plan to play a game or two during the evening. Nothing too difficult – a game of Charades or Pictionary using people, songs, or phrases made popular during 2015 will be fun for your guests. Or play short clips of popular songs from the last year to see who guesses the song first.  Silly dance competition will also have everyone laughing and having a great time.

7. Make some noise, with noise makers

What’s a New Year’s celebration without a little noise?! Discount stores usually have great deals on poppers and streamers, and you could even look into your area’s permits for a short fireworks show if that’s in your budget.

Send everyone outside for 10 minutes at midnight to dance and yell and make a lot of noise – then simmer down. The party doesn’t have to stop, but realize that not everyone in the neighborhood is up that late!

8. Have designated driver options

If your party is a true celebration, chances are some of your guests have been drinking. Have the number of a taxi service on-hand, but make sure to call well in advance as they will be very busy. Or you can find a few guests who don’t wish to drink so they can transport everyone else home. If you don’t have too many guests, carry the party over into a sleepover. Camp out on the floor with blankets and pillows.

And overall… Have a fun, safe, and happy New Year!

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