8 Strange Silly Spectacular Backyard Sculptures

Are you the type of person who walks into a party with a flamboyant bowtie or a feather boa? Is Lady Gaga a fan of your unique style? If you’re looking for something to make your backyard special, any (or all) of these pieces might be just what you’re looking for.

1. Cylindrical Windy Worms

Are they multi-colored invertebrates? Abstract representations of interpretive dancers? A little bit of creativity, some broken tiles and glue and hollow tubes and you’re halfway to finding out on your own.


2. Standing Stones

If you’ve ever spent time along Vancouver’s many beaches, you’ve probably seen rock sculptures that seem to defy gravity, with round stones balanced on each other with unbelievable precision. You don’t quite have to go that far – this sculpture looks cool and is unlikely to be knocked down by a random breeze.


3. The Foghorn Leghorn

“Well, I say — what’s the big… I say, what’s the big idea here with this silhouette that looks just a little bit like me in them old Looney Tunes cartoons?” Maybe this piece isn’t really about the most overbearing southern rooster you ever saw – but we like to think it is.


4. The Quest for the Crystal Skull (in your backyard)

Who wouldn’t want a giant gleaming skull in the middle of their backyard? If you’re looking for a conversation piece, it doesn’t get much better than this. Also comes in platinum, gold and papier mache.


5. Get Wordy

What does the “S” in this “S”-planter stand for? That’s the mystery. The great thing is that you’re not limited to just one letter. Form an entire word that seems just cryptic enough to be interesting – maybe “Secret” or “Why”. Deliberate misspellings will leave guests feeling superior as they politely admire your planter without comment.


6. The Block Set

Blocks of wood, pastel-colored paint and a bit of imaginative layout creates a children’s wonderland or an abstract impressionist piece worthy of your local art gallery.


7. The Frog That Wasn’t

This is no ordinary garden-variety frog. He’s clearly planning something, but what? Practicing a new magic spell? Thinking about renovating his tiny hideaway? Wondering where all of the real frogs went? Only you know.

Source: zulily.com via Becky on Pinterest


8. Dragonheart

“So, I’m taking a walk in your backyard and I just thought you might want to know that there’s a very serious-looking dragon back there. You might want to call animal control or something.” For all who love fantasy films and novels or relish old school D&D gaming, a wicker or bronze dragon is not a bad way to go.



Have you got any weird back yard finds you want the world to know about? Leave a comment about the wonders that live outside your home or in your neighbor’s yard.

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