8 Stylish Sundials For Summer

No matter what kind of outdoor living space you have, or an indoor one for that matter, incorporating a classic signature piece is always a great way to go.

One such piece is the ancient sundial, a device and visual feature that dates back 3500 years at least. Talk about your classic design! In the days before iPhones, that’s how people knew the time of day; by the position of the sun in the sky as measured by the sundial.  It’s use and development grew up with the civilizations of Egypt and Babylon, and on to the Ancient Greeks.  But, they may in fact be even older than that! Basically, sundials have an impressive pedigree.

How do sundials fit into 21st century design for your garden? And just how many kinds of sundials are there out there these days? Well, take a look at this infographic that helps to give you a snapshot of eight sundials that may be just the thing for your garden.

BuildDirect_Stylish Sundials_v1 copy

There are all kinds of designs for sundials then. And there are all kinds of visual and even symbolic value in including one in your outdoor living space. I mean, they look great. But they also represent a history of civilization from its early roots. It also celebrates the idea of time’s passing, which is a pretty universal theme that can be subtly acknowledged in a garden where things are growing and changing.

Sundials and you

What’s your favorite sundial design above?

Do you have memories of sundials as a child?

Do you have a sundial in your outdoor living space yourself? What does it look like?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post.



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