8 Super Fun Things You Can Do With Snow

mother and son in the snow

Snow is an inevitable part of winter in most parts. It can mean HUGE family fun! Read on for a few ways you can enjoy it.


Here on the West Coast of Canada we typically have mild winters; wet, but mild. We usually see only a few days of flurries each year, but occasionally we get a bit more.

Personally I’m just fine with this weather, but I know a lot of people would like to see more snow in these parts. Now that I have a toddler I’m going to take advantage of any snow we do get and go outside! Here are some fun things to do in/with snow that I can’t wait to share with her:

1. Build a snowman

This is one of the main things I remember from my childhood winters where it snowed; going outside to roll 3 huge snowballs, stacking them up, and sticking on twigs, carrots, and scarves to make a ‘man’. But why stop at men? Make snow cats, snow dogs, and snow houses!

2. Go sledding

This is another rite of passage for children growing up in the snow! You don’t even need a fancy sled. I only had a thick sheet of plastic. Find a safe hill and make the whole family jump on.
3. Make Snow Angels

If this is something you’ve never done, this winter is the time! Bundle up though because you WILL get wet! Lie down on your back in the snow and move your arms and legs side to side – rumpling the snow, then stand up – and admire the ‘angel’ you created in the snow.

winter sledding little girls

4. Make drinks

You’ve heard of snow cones, right? Make them from real snow! Add juice, pop, or some maple syrup to a scoop of fresh snow.

Did you know you can even make snow ice cream?! Stir a few cups of snow with a bit of milk, add some sugar, and vanilla – and you have instant ice cream. Yummy!

5. Blow bubbles

OK, so this one technically doesn’t have anything to do with snow. But it does need to be below freezing outside to do it, so there will likely be snow on the ground.

Grab the bottle of bubbles your kids likely ran around the park and backyard blowing all summer, and do the same – except this time they will freeze! You have to blow them quickly and they usually dissolve fairly fast, but it’s fun to see frozen bubbles!

6. Have a snowball fight

While it may be fun to pelt your friends with snowballs, maybe as a family make it into a game instead – throw the snowballs at trees or other standing targets and see who can hit the most.

If you are going to throw them at each other, make sure the snow is collected from an area that is unlikely to have rocks or twigs – those sure hurt when they’re included in a snowball!

man woman snowball snowman

7. Make a maze

This is a good way to make your kids help to shovel the driveway – without them even realizing it! Give them shovels and have them dig out pathways and mazes they can run around in.

8. Decorate it!

A little bit of food coloring added to water makes a great ‘paint’. Mix up a few colors and let each family member decorate a part of your yard.
Snow or no?

Fun in the snow, and you

Do you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow where you live? What ways do you enjoy it best? What’s your favorite snow memory from childhood? Share your snow stories with us in the comments.

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