8 Tips To Designing For And Living In Smaller Homes

When it comes to smaller homes and spaces, there are some advantages open to the homeowner. For instance, smaller homes are easier to maintain, with less to clean, and less surface area to worry about when it comes to replacing roofs and flooring. They are less expensive to keep cool in the summer and to heat when it gets colder, too.  Perhaps this is why many people are finding that down scaling isn’t such a bad thing after all.

But designing, decorating, and organizing in a smaller space requires some thought to make the most of what that space has to offer. This is particularly relevant if you are in the position where you’re down scaling from a larger home, either by circumstance, or by design.

Here are 8 tips that can help you get started in your thinking process about any small space, whether you’re moving into one or whether you’re already there. And maybe you can take some of these ideas away with you to apply to larger spaces too.

Take a look!



One of the big takeaways here is that planning on smaller spaces is about how to use the basics to get the effects you want – light, color, and a sense of continuity. As such, the exercise isn’t too far afield from planning any sort of space. But another aspect raised here is particularly important to the smaller space; your personal priorities.

When you have less space, you have fewer places to put things. This problem is a good one to have, and here’s why; it helps you discover what you value most when you’re at home. It helps you focus in on the things that bring you the most joy. And it helps you find out what it is you can, and maybe even should, live without.

What is most  important to you?

It’s kind of like that old joke about the sculptor who created great masterpieces. When asked how she created such masterful works of art through sculpture, she replied: “Well, it’s easy. I take a block of marble and I whack away anything that isn’ t my sculpture.”

That’s a good way to think about planning a small space too, or really any space. Whack away anything that isn’t your sculpture, or your vision for what your home should be, no matter what size it is.

The small space design common denominator – you, and yours

Of the above 8 tips in our graphic, what’s the common thread that runs through all of them? I think it’s this; that it’s not the things in your home that define it. It’s the people who live there. So, when you’re thinking about making the most of the smaller space, you’re not just doing it so all of your stuff will fit into it. You’re doing it so that you’ll fit into it and all that is most important to you, along with your family and pets, and people you love who come to see you.

Opening up a space means opening up the possibilities of your life while you’re in that space. And the great thing is, this can be applied to any place you live. Because as the old saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are”. So, you might as well be comfortable while you’re there.



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