8 Ways To 8 Days Of Happy Hannukah This Year

ideas to celebrate Hannukah

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, is a fun holiday with plenty of opportunity for creativity. Hanukkah lasts for eight days & nights, and this year, it starts today! Here are eight ideas to celebrate Hannukah and make this year’s extra special.

1. Three-color latke display

The first night of Hanukkah should be about familiar traditions like delicious latkes, the classic potato pancakes eaten at Hanukkah. Dazzle your guests with a three-tiered serving tray featuring three different kinds of latkes: classic potato, orange sweet potato, and fun purple potato.

2. Gelt bank

Delicious and socially responsible, try placing a brightly decorated charity donation box next to a dish full of gelt (chocolate candies wrapped in gold foil to look like coins). This is an activity that both children and adults will love.

3. Felt dreidels

A good alternative to stockings over the fireplace, DIY felt pockets shaped like dreidels make beautiful and functional living room decorations for Hanukkah. Glue or sew them so they’re strong enough to hold candy and small gifts. As a plus, you can use puffy paint to write each of the dreidel’s four letters and make other designs.

4. Hanukkah table runner

Blue, silver, and gold are traditional Hanukkah colors and they make for a gorgeous table runner. All it takes is a trip to the fabric store and a sewing machine to make a three-color runner for entertaining and dinner table decoration during the holiday. You can even bolster your Hanukkah dinner table by scattering gelt and color-matched dreidels along the runner.

5. Artistic menorah options

Any menorah, the nine-branch candelabra of Hanukkah, is a lovely addition to your space, but feel free to get creative with a menorah that fits your home’s existing aesthetic. Modern spaces benefit from minimalist designs made with raised stands and tea lights, while kid-friendly environments look nice with clay or building block menorahs.

6. Creative gift displays

Hanukkah involves gift-giving, but it’s a bit different from the all-at-once style of Christmas. For Hanukkah’s “one gift per night” approach, try integrating your gift display into your home decor. Choose nice wrapping paper and distribute the gifts around your space to become a part of a gift tableau, make a design by stacking gifts, or even hide a special picture under the gifts to reveal a bit more about each night.

7. Hanukkah wreath

ideas to celebrate Hannukah

Adorn your front door with a Hanukkah-themed wreath. All it takes is a traditional holiday wreath, white spray paint, and blue tinsel to transform a Christmas standard into Hanukkah decor you can use throughout the holiday season and reuse each year.

8. Full menorah in the window

Most families add one candle to the menorah each night, so it’s full by the last night of Hanukkah. It’s a tradition to put the menorah on the windowsill for all to see, and what better time to do so than when it’s at its brightest? You could also have a season-long window treatment mimicking the menorah with string lights or a DIY-intensive project making faux stained glass with plexiglass and latex paints.

With a little creativity and DIY spirit, you’ll have gorgeous decorations for all eight nights of Hanukkah this year. Let us know your what your creative ideas are to celebrate Hannukah.

Chag Chanukah Sameach!

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