8 Weird Wonderful Water Features

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Water is life. It makes any scene more alive, giving movement and energy flow to a scene that otherwise might seem static and boring. Water features can be elegant, but they are also playful focal points where you can let your imagination run wild.


1. Taking water features to the next level

Water pools. It sprays. It plays. Show the flow with a unique and functional piece of artwork that will be the singular conversation piece for your next gathering.

Source: images.search.yahoo.com via Tami on Pinterest


2. Water up and down and all around

Minecraft players take note: you can design your own surrealistic water feature in the comfort of your backyard. It’s a pool. It’s a fountain. It’s a plountain! Very creative, people.


3. Face your watery doom

You’ve got a fountain and it’s looking pretty ordinary. What to do? What could possibly turn this fountain into something memorable – maybe even a little scary? Oh, I don’t know… How about… Poseidon? (It might not be the god of the sea. It might just be a guy spouting off. But I prefer Poseidon).

Source: indahbulan.com via Jodie on Pinterest


4. Swirly-staircase pool

If M.C. Escher had a wading pool in his house, it would look like this. Is that glass? Is it water? Either way, it’s awesome.

Source: herblog.com via Toshiko on Pinterest


5. Light up the scene

You’ve got a beautiful windy pool with a rustic bridge. What’s missing? I know – lights that remind you of the 1980s hit sci-fi movie, Cocoon! Or possibly the Abyss. Either way, you’ve got definite glowing mystery street credibility with this idea.


6. Waterfall

People stare at waterfalls. We’re awed by them, reminded of the eternal flow of all things. They’re also perfect for small children with little army men toy sets who want to have a miniature adventure along the deep rapids of the Nile. This small-scale work of art evokes nature’s magnificent wonders.

Source: lwstone.com via Renee on Pinterest


7. Artistic and practical

At first, this piece seems out of place. Then you look closer and see the stylized flowers and vines and realize it’s just a different perception of the reality that’s all around. The theme blends into the surroundings, but the broken-up pieces that make up the design provide a startling contrast. Naturally, the sink actually works.

Source: momsbyheart.net via Nici on Pinterest


8. A beautiful water illusion

Careful use of lighting, just enough depth and natural-looking irregularities can create an illusion that mesmerizes and entrances. A well-done feature like this can stimulate all of your senses.

Source: google.com.au via Ben on Pinterest



Which water feature above is your favorite? Do you have a favorite water feature around your home? Thinking of installing something to give your yard a unique look? Let us know and leave a comment.

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