Stoning your fireplace

Hi all you weekend warriors,

Is your Fireplace looking looking like it needs a little something?

Well maybe you need to get stoned. No no that doesn’t mean what you think. I mean do something on your walls. The best is if you have an existing fire place because then you have about half your work done and here is a good step by step way to go about it. This is of course if you have an existing fireplace.

If you don’t have an existing fireplace an easy way to go about it is to use an electric unit gas is fine too but more expensive, either one will fit your budget. With electric you will need to do 1 of 2 things, either recess it into the wall or build it out from the wall. Unless you have walls with tons of dead space behind it you will likely be building it out. You will have to check with your local building codes to figure out if you can do this first of all but also to see if there will be any hang ups with your install. You don’t want surprises. No with interior installations you can go either way with your installation, the best is with a scratch coat. This is comprised of a wire mesh and mortar to give the stone something to adhere to. The link above gives a really good step by step on how to do this.

Doing stone on the inside you can cheat a little. You don’t want to mortar this stone to drywall because it will absorb the moisture and fall apart. What you can do is once you have it all framed out and secured down so when the stone is on it, it won’t fall down. You can begin ‘cheating’. What I mean by this is the stones adhere to the scratch coat because it is a rough cement surface and the mortar grabs onto it well. Since your fire place is inside and not exposed to the elements then you can go ahead and use cement board. This will give you that rough surface to adhere to and since it isn’t drywall it won’t fall apart from the moisture in the mortar.

When you are done you can have something like this and give your place an updated touch that looks great without breaking the bank.

Good luck,

Dave Tomson

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